Wilderness Downtown

In my real job (yes, I have one until you mofo’s start making me ridiculous fortunes through this blog), I see a LOT of websites. Most of them are New Zealand based but some are international.

Despite seeing many awful websites, I also see some great websites. And some truly great websites. And then some websites that are so awful, they actually go through the other side and enter a category that can only be called epically great websites.

So for a long time I’ve been meaning to add a ‘Great Websites’ section to this blog and seeing as I’ve just got back from North West Island and have been meaning to write an extensive blog post on my experiences, I figured what better way to procrastinate than to start my Great Websites category?

From time to time, I’ll post a brief blog post that features a great website. For the purposes of this blog, ‘great’ can mean awesome, epic, awful, funny and/or special. For each one, you decide. Make it a game where you can win candy.

And what better way to introduce this category than with this epic marvel:

The Wilderness Downtown

Coders will now about the new HTML5 coding language that is … wait this is already sounding too geeky. I’ll start again. There’s a new way to do website stuff and this website has been made to test it and show off its awesome powers while taking you along a tear-jerking walk down memory lane.

The Wilderness Downtown

The Wilderness Downtown

Now, there are many websites that you look at briefly, think ‘Oh yeah that’s cool’ and then you leave. This website demands that you enter the name of the small town you grew up in, wait a decent amount of time and then spend 4 minutes watching what happens. But really, it’s totally worth it. Trust me. I write on the internet. Everything I say is gospel.

So check out Wilderness Downtown. You may have to use Chrome (a far better alternative to Internet Explorer. Get it.) but like I said, it’s worth the effort.

Website Summary:

  • On the home page some birds chase your cursor around. Nothing too new there.
  • Close any other programs you’re running as this thing uses some juice.
  • Type in the town that you grew up in. Somewhere that’ll spark some memories.
  • Wait for the magic to happen. It’s worth the wait.
  • Some more stuff happens that makes you go ‘Oh hey that IS cool’. Like the thing with the postcard.
  • Oh and imagine that guy is you as a lad running down your home town street.