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Facebook Options

Have you noticed that in your Facebook news feed you always see updates from the same few friends over and over? Even though you have 1,233 friends because you think that if you ignore a friend request the karma gods are going to make you spill your coffee or walk into a bus or something.

The secret is that, by default, Facebook figures out which people you interact with more regularly and then automatically shows you more information from those particular people, to the point that people you don’t interact with are basically not displayed in your news feed at all. Oh yes. Facebook is watching you.

The problem with this is that you end up with more and more Facebook friends that you forget are there and that you never hear from. And to be honest, sometimes this is for a good reason.

I came across this fix recently to display the news feed from all friends, thinking “Awesome! I’ll be able to catch up with so many more people now!”. The next time I looked at my news friend, I quickly realised why there were so many people I don’t catch up with and so decided to perform a quick cull of my friends list – never a bad thing as the more people and vague acquaintances have access to your details, the more you expose yourself to threats, gremlins and other boogie monsters. Monsters that boogie? Not sure that I’ve got that right.

Note that also applies to all those bloody Facebook Pages (from businesses) that you have chosen to ‘Like’ over the years due to some random competition, and then you’ve completely forgotten about them. All this time, they’ve had a connection to you that they could potentially exploit.

How to Display all Friends in your News Feed

So if you’re looking to display status updates from all of your friends and all of the Pages that you like in your news feed, just follow this uber-simple two step process.

Note that this is really good to do, even if just for one week, so that you can cull your friends list back a bit and remove some of those daft business pages that you’ve been liking.

Step 1: Chase the ‘Edit Options’ link

Facebook OptionsJump into Facebook and scroll to the bottom of your news feed. Facebook will probably go “Oh dis guy wants to view more news so lets show even more stories, yup yup” so you may have to scroll down again and again until Facebook gets tired of running and stops auto-displaying extra updates.

Once you’ve caught up with it, you’ll see a blue bar at the bottom of your screen with ‘Older posts’ and ‘Edit options’.

Step 2: Change the option

Once you’ve clicked the ‘Edit options’ link you should get a pop-up box with a “Show posts from: Friends and Pages you interact with most” button displaying.

Simply hit that button and change it to “Show posts from: All my friends and pages” and that’s it.

Facebook News Feed Options

Head back to your news feed, refresh the screen and you’ll be presented with a load of random posts from people that you had completely forgotten were on your friends list (or you’ll swear you never added).

Let the culling begin!

Disclaimer: Of course this can also be a great way to connect with long lost friends and family that you haven’t heard from for so long but that’s a bit soppy. Cull away.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome story, I’ve got a few fb people I don’t want to cull, but they’re quite motivated at posting material of, err, questionable value. I’ve now got it setup to display all, but hide them ;).

  • True and good point. Maybe the way to go is:

    1. Set to view all
    2. Delete those people and FB Pages you just don’t want to be connected to
    3. Hide updates from people that you want to remain connected to but they dominate your news feed with irrelevant posts

    After a couple of weeks, you’ll have your own custom made news feed.