Do not read this without Auckland Council’s permission.

Do not read this without Auckland Council’s permission.

Officials are funny. They’ve officially made an official website for the Auckland Council and have said that, officially, you are not allowed to link to it.

Yup that’s right. To hell with search engine optimisation. No links allowed! Maybe Google themselves even received an email that said “Hey, if we find our site in your results, heads will roll!”.

NBR pointed this out earlier today with anĀ article about Auckland Council’s new website.

Ironically, NBR linked to the page that says that links are not allowed without explicit link permission from the people that give you permission to link.

Very shortly after this was mentioned on Twitter and picked up by influential tweeters such as myself (cough), the entire website collapsed.

Did the powers-that-be take the site down? Or perhaps there was a REASON no one was allowed to link to the site? Maybe linking to the site caused the server to melt-down? Are there desperate website technicians somewhere that are drowning in the emotional ocean that is the loss of their new website, sorry, Website? Is it all NBR’s fault?

Not too long after that, the website was reinstated but, alas, without the humourous “linking’s a no-no” condition. What a shame. Expecting this, the geniuses at NBR plus the genius at NZRAW (that’ll be me then) took snapshots of the message before it was removed. NBR added it to their post and you can see it here too:

Auckland Council Website Links

Funny that other websites all suck so much that they need to be spelt with a lower-case wuh yet the Auckland Council Website is epic enough to be spelt with a capital wuh. Could this interesting style of proof-reading also explain why they have a news article on their homepage which announces the launch of the new website today, Thursday 1st July. Despite it being Wednesday, the 30th June?

So yes, while short-lived, this special condition brought joy and mirth to the hearts of many in the wuh wuh wuh. Thanks Auckland Council. To show our appreciation, here’s a free link.


Update: One of the Google ads that may come up on the right there is for the Yellow Pages councils category that features links to the city councils.

No, Yellow Pages! No linking! Bad Yellow Pages.