Facebook Launch new Facebook Page Admin Tools and Roles

Some great news for those responsible for managing a Facebook Page.

Today, Facebook have announced some new tools for admins. One new function allows a Facebook Page owner to set different permissions for various Page admins (many blog owners will already be familiar with this concept). A second function allows you to schedule a Facebook post up to 6 months in advance and at up to 15 minutes frequency. Not quite sure who would want to post an update every 15 minutes but hey it’s nice to have the option I guess?

Facebook New Zealand‘s account representative has said:

“We are excited to open up more Pages features that allow you to more effectively manage your Facebook Page. These features give you more control over your Page… We believe that these features will help you better manage your presence on Facebook.”

It’s about time we Facebook Page admins were given a little extra attention. After all, we’re likely to be the ones directly booking advertising with Facebook and that’s what it’s all about, right?

As the tools haven’t yet been available within Facebook itself, amongst Social Media managers it’s a common practice to use third-party services, such as HootsuiteCoTweet, and Wildfire to not only monitor our online presence but also to specifically manage our Facebook Page updates.  Often at rather impressive prices. It wouldn’t be too unusual to be quoted in the region of $50,000 to even $100,000 per year for a full enterprise-level Social Media management plan.

Scheduled Facebook Posts

The simple ability to schedule Facebook Page posts in advance is one that has forced Page admins to adopt third party software.

While I’m sure businesses would love their community managers to be ‘on-call’ 24 hours a day, the reality is that many of those involved in Social Media stick to the usual 9 to 5 working day and are therefore unavailable to post in evenings and weekends at times which may be more relevant for a specific event or announcement or even simply at times which may be better suited to gain the most interactions and comments.

Schedule a Facebook Post

Scheduling a Facebook Post

To date, Facebook Page admins have had to rely on social media management software (like Hootsuite, CoTweet, etc.) in order to schedule their Facebook Posts. Usually this means that the post will display on the Facebook Page with a link to that particularly third-party service, therefore potentially advertising the fact that the post has been scheduled and also promoting another company.

The new Page post scheduling service…

“allows you to schedule your Page posts up to 6 months in advance, and as frequently as every 15 minutes. This is a great way for you to plan out your Page posts and prepare them in advance.”

You can find more information about Facebook admin roles on this help page.

Facebook Page Admin Permissions (Roles)

Having access to a business Facebook Page potentially gives you a very high level of responsibility. Not everyone has the ability to instantly communicate under the guise of a brand to what could be hundreds of thousands of fans at the click of a button.

Facebook Admin RolesMany businesses treat this level of access far too casually – they give admin rights for their Facebook Page to a number of people within the business as well as to representatives from advertising agencies, creative agencies and more.

The potential for someone to post as your Facebook Page and land your business in a whole heap of hot water is high – and at present when using Facebook as a Page there’s no way to see which admin was the person behind any particular post, therefore the culprit can rest in peace knowing that no one will discover they’re the ones who accidentally posted a drunken photo from the office Christmas party on the brand page!

Hopefully the new features announced be Facebook today can help to reduce or eliminate this issue.

Facebook say that their new Admin Roles feature…

“allows you to designate different permission levels to other admins on your Page. There are five different permission levels: Manager, content creator, moderator, advertiser, and insights analysit. Note that at default, all admins will have the highest permission level of Manager. Please take the time to decide the permission levels for the admins on your Page. You can view and change permission levels under Edit Page > Manage Admins.

There are 5 different types of admin. These, along with their levels of permissions, can be seen in the following table:

Facebook Page Admin Roles

Facebook Page Admin Roles

You can find more information on post scheduling on this Facebook help page.

  • Laura

    Thanks for letting us know about these changes, it’s great that Facebook are now allowing scheduling – a long time coming. 

  • I reckon. It’ll be quite interesting to see if this function is mis-used. Sadly there’s a chance that it could be.

    For one, you can schedule updates at 15 minute intervals – that’s pretty frequent!

    Secondly, you can actually set a date in the past and the post slots into place in your timeline. That opens the field for some deceptive posts. “Hey you didn’t tell us about those conditions” “Sure we did – just check back to that post we made a month ago!”

  • InJm

    I manage a Facebook Page and I cannot for the life of me see where to edit typo’s in Posts – even those Posts that I have written.  The Pencil drop down menu just has Delete, Pin To Top, Hide From Page and Report As Spam options.  No Edit!  I guess no other Facebook contributors ever make a mistake and this don’t need to edit their Posts like I need to.

  •  Hi Injm, I believe the ability to edit comments came to Facebook not all that long ago, but you’ll find that you can’t edit an actual post, only your comments on that post’s thread. When you do that, there’ll be a grey ‘Edited’ addition to your comment so others can see that it’s been changed.

    I think the only other text you can edit is photo and video descriptions.

  • InJm

    Thanks for that.  I had finally come to the conclusion that it is not possible to edit posts which I find rather frustrating. I had thought for a while that maybe I was somehow missing the ‘edit’ link from the menu. Cheers