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Writing for the web is quite different to writing for magazines and brochures. Text content must not only be clear, readable and persuasive, it must also be optimised in a way that encourages the best possible ranking in search engine results.

Websites can be the first piece of information that people see about your business. And yet so many websites are either poorly designed and visually unappealing, or are well designed but with badly optimised text content that means the website barely appears in search results for related keyword phrases.

That’s where I can help (and don’t take my word for it, some really nice people have left me some touching feedback).

Copywriting Services for the Web

Web Writer - Mark LincolnAs you can see from this website, I’m a web writer by nature and write a lot of content that is designed to be viewable on the Internet.

I have a wealth of experience in writing content for individual websites, as well as writing articles and informative resources for one of New Zealand’s biggest web directories. In my 9 to 5, I work closely with a number of New Zealand’s most respected SEO (search engine optimisation) specialists and so have the advantage of knowing the combined styles of some of New Zealand’s best.

I put what I have learnt into my own writing to create web content that puts your website in the best possible position for results.

My style is open, fresh and friendly which lends itself well to encouraging sharing of content in social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

Having written content for New Zealand companies in a wide range of industries, I’m quick to pick up on the unique marketing messages of individual clients and can convey this well in content that I create.

With a great working knowledge of CSS and html coding, I also have what many other traditional writers lack – the ability to create an item of content that is well formatted and optimised to be read by people and search engines alike. Good content is nothing if no one can find it!

As mentioned, my 9 to 5 involves working for one particular client but I am happy to provide content writing services for individual clients during evenings and weekends.

Websites, Blogs and More

So whether you’re looking for content that is unique, compelling and well optimised for search engines in the form of:

  • re-writing an existing website
  • providing content for a new website
  • creating a blog post to launch a new product or service
  • writing a newsletter based on your business

… and more, please feel free to contact me for an obligation-free quote by using the form below.

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Cheers, Mark.