The Official World’s Largest Scrambled Egg

The Official World’s Largest Scrambled Egg

New Zealand is known for a few things …

  • Sir Edmund Hillary
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Beautiful Mountains
  • Sheep
  • Earthquakes

… and now it has an extra notch to its belt.

This morning, crowds gathered in the rain at Christchurch’s Cathedral Square in New Zealand to watch the official weigh-in of what is now the World’s Largest Scrambled Egg at 1.2 tonnes. That or they just came for the free breakfast.

Ronald McDonald: World's Largest Scrambled Egg


World's Largest Scrambled Egg at 1.2 Tonnes

The scrambled egg used 20,000 free range eggs and was a publicity event to launch McDonald’s use of free range eggs (at participating restaurants). The 20,000 eggs were churned up by McDonald’s chefs using a variety of garden shovels and rakes.



Christchurch Deputy Mayor, Norm Withers, was there to announce the official result (Mayor, Bob Parker is probably watching his figure).