The Most Impressive Business Card

This guy is brilliant. But what scares me is … I think he’s being serious.

You get the impression from this video that this fella thinks that he has the most awesomest business card in the world. And he should. It took him 25 years to design.

Actually I’m not sure that last part is something to boast about.

  • Lauren

    This reminds me of the business card scene in American Psycho…very disturbing that a grown man thinks the ultimate definition of his status lies in the quality of a piece of paper.
    “My card is stamped…My card is foil embossed…(my penis is bigger than your penis)…”

  • Mark Lincoln

    Too true. That is an awesome scene in American Psycho!

    I’d love to spend an hour with this guy. I’d let him hand me his business card then use it as a place-mat for my coffee. Spontaneous nuclear fall out anyone?

  • Mark Lincoln

    The American Psycho scene in question:

    I actually reference this scene when talking to new clients about their business card designs!