Talking Dog Video

Talking Dog Video

Don’t you hate it when someone sends you a YouTube video and they’re all like “OMG this is hilarious, you have to check it out!” and you check it out and it’s actually not that funny.

Well … hopefully this isn’t one of those scenarios because far out this is funny. I’m just hoping it’s not just me that finds it funny because I have a German Shepherd. You know? Like it’s only funny in one of those ‘you had to be there’ type situations.

But hey, if you don’t find it funny, maybe you can just appreciate the skill that it takes to make this look like a proper talking dog. No wait, don’t go anywhere. It’s not one of those god-awful ‘this dog sounds like it’s talking’ videos where the dog’s just making muffled barks that could possibly sound like words when you’re a bit drunk or otherwise spaced out.

This dog really talks. Fo’ real.



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