SOCOM: Confrontation – Still worth a look?

Can’t afford MW2 just yet? Need something low-cost to satisfy your thirst until Christmas? Haven’t tried SOCOM yet? Now is the time!

Search through the PS3 or SOCOM forums and you’ll find a hell of a lot of people that have a problem with SOCOM. SOCOM Confrontation is the child we all love to hate. Ask any veteran players if it’s worth a go and they’ll say ‘No way. Keep away from it’ and they’ll probably launch into a whole string of reasons for you not to buy it, including:

  • glitches
  • lag
  • hollow promises of patches and DLC
  • noobs
  • abusive players
  • abusive foreigners (if you’re from America)
  • abusive Americans (if you’re from outside of America)

but then you know what? They’ll turn around, head back to their Playstation, load up SOCOM and spend the next 8 hours playing it.

SOCOM Confrontation really does suffer from the above problems and yet it’s still a great game to play once you get into it. What makes it so addictive?

Well, SOCOM Confrontation is the only game I’ve ever played that continues to make my heart beat faster. And I don’t mean in a pansy ‘fluttery’ sort of way, but in actual ‘blood pumping adrenaline’ terms. They’ll be certain situations where you’re taking on large odds and yet you pull off a fluke of maneuvers that leave your enemies lying on the floor and your team mates giving you a verbal pat on the back. Plus of all the shooters I’ve played, SOCOM is the only one that gives you a realistic feeling that you’re bullets have just made contact with the enemy – as sadistic as that sounds!

The sound effects in this game are fantastic. Check out this video of the developers actually firing each individual weapon in the game to get the true sound effect from each gun.

Also there’s soon-to-be-released DLC coming in the form of new maps, factions, weapons and modes. Keep an eye on the Playstation blog for more information. You can see a short preview in this video by Pulse at 2:30:

However, to get to a stage where you’ll be accepted by the people you play alongside is far from easy. If you run straight into the popular servers or quick matches, it will soon be apparent that you don’t know what you’re doing.

Because of the continuing errors and disconnections that SOCOM suffers from, it’s fairly rare that people get a really satisfying game. So if you’re the last guy on their team and you’re standing around in your heavy armor trying to open a door into what you’re sure is a hidden room, completely ignoring the objective, you’re going to get voted out.

Best bet is to head straight to the manually created servers (the servers with the daft names at the bottom of the lists) and spend a lot of time in their figuring out how the modes are played and which end of your rifle to point at the enemy.

Also, get into a friendly clan as soon as possible. SOCOM is a lot easier to get to grips with if there’s someone showing you the ropes. Plus you’ll then be able to start ranking up and so won’t so obviously appear as a noob.

Don’t be afraid of using your microphone – everyone hates the guy that said nothing while an enemy crept up behind their team mate – but don’t over do it. SOCOM suffers from kids that talk on the mic way too much. Only one person can talk at a time so if some kid’s blabbing away trying to be all grown up and tough, his team mate’s are gonna get mightily pissed that they missed an opportunity to communicate a guy’s location or ask for assistance.

Like I said, the sound effects in this game are really good and it pays to listen out for enemy movements. We were given two ears and only one mouth for a reason!

So yes, it’s hard to get into and yes you’ll face a lot of grief from other players in the early days, but this is an awesome game to be good at and don’t forget than even the best players were noobs once as well.

Finally, don’t purposefully glitch or lag to improve your game. If you need to cheat to get kills, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this but you’re one of life’s all-time losers!

P.S. Glitching is ok if it’s amusing (and more likely to get you killed) like the me doing Jesus-star-jumps while trying to hide from a sniper in the below video (must have been amusing from the sniper’s view)

P.P.S. Oh yeah and that’s something else that’s cool about SOCOM. Some of the maps are pretty large and snipers can actually be used for proper sniping rather than short-distance sniping like in so many other games. In the below video, I’m trying to hide from a sniper in the distance. See that tower? Now see the hill behind it and to the right? That’s where the sniper is.