SOCOM: What’s the new patch like?

SOCOM: What’s the new patch like?

I recently wrote a post on whether SOCOM: Confrontation was worth a look-in while we wait for new toys to play with at Christmas (Yes, I am still waiting for Modern Warfare 2!)

It really does seem like now is as good a time as any to get into SOCOM if you missed out the first time round. The new patch has added a decent amount of fresh playability and cleaned up a few issues that plagued the earlier versions.

Don’t start thinking that it’s bug free. With Slant 6, that just ain’t gonna happen. A bug-free SOCOM would be like a Santa-free Christmas. It’s just not the same.

So as well as a much larger range of which mode goes with which map (there’s no more “Urban Wasteland Extract” over and over again in Quick Matches. Awesome.), there’s also a new faction and new weapons.

With Patch 1.60 comes the introduction of the Dutch KTC. I’ve always been a fan of the Dutch in a sort of “WTF?” kind of way. One word. Clogs.

And I know what you all want to ask. The question on everyone’s lips. The big one … What are the new insults like?

And the answer is: comical! I don’t know what Dutch guy they found to record these but I think he was on something. Or is this how all Dutch people speak? Either way, he’s certainly very polite. I think his pointy little hat suits him well anyway.

Other than the humourous new voices, there is a lot more to be had from SOCOM these days. Slant 6 are really trying hard to set things up for the new DLC to be released later this month. Even if you don’t have the DLC, the new patch means that you’re constantly taunted with “Only available when you purchase the DLC” messages.

In summary, I’m a strong believer that SOCOM is still worth a look-in. And on special in the NZ PS Store for NZ$35 at the moment, it’s hardly gonna break the bank. This is a lot of game for $35.

Obviously the price has been reduced so that the publicity surrounding the new DLC will encourage people to purchase the game and THEN purchase the DLC. Clever marketing that. Let’s face it, they had to do something to try and shake off the bad press that’s come with the game’s earlier faults.

For a full list of the fixes in Patch 1.60, check out this link.

For news about the new DLC from SOCOM, check out the SOCOM blog. (although they didn’t seem to think that the release of the long awaited new patch was newsworthy!)