Piano Improv Guy on Chat Roulette

Piano Improv Guy on Chat Roulette

This guy is my new lyrical hero. After Dub FX. After some really dismal sitcoms, he’s a great advert for the fact that Americans are still funny!

Knows as Piano Improv, this guy spends his time on Chat Roulette. Chat Roulette is a webcam-chatroom combo with a difference. Basically, you don’t know who you’ll be chatting to next. This has it’s down sides as often you’ll find yourself face to schlong with some guy who has social problems.

But, a plus side is that you may come across this guy. I’ll let the videos tell the story but basically, he plays a piano and sings a song that he improvises based on what you are doing/wearing/look like in your webcam.

Once you’ve seen the first video and got the jist of things, if you’re still here you’ll find his second video even better.

To find out more about his motives, check out the interview with Piano Improv guy (Merton):