Christchurch Buskers

Christchurch Buskers

Some Christchurch buskers are bloody awful. There’s this guy who stands outside my office every day. He plays the banjo and sings songs by Cliff Richard. I say ‘plays the banjo’ but in fact I think he only knows one chord and bashes it out through every single song. Tortures his banjo would be more appropriate.

Then there’s the guy that thinks quality is all about how loud you can shout. And the guy with the bag-pipes that can play for hours without producing anything that sounds remotely like music.

Having said that, and especially having just had the World Busker’s Festival here in Christchurch, there are some top buskers out there. Here’s a few that I’ve seen around town recently. If you see these guys about, drop a coin or two into their collection container of choice:

Aviator dude with an interesting style (similar to Newton Faulkner):

Dub bloke with side-show dancing girl:

Piccolo/Flute Man – plays in Christchurch Cathedral Square most days:

Irish Dancing people:

Beat-Boxing Legend:

  • …. some people have no respect or appreciation for the bag pipes!!!

    Other than that, great blog, that guitar guy is a bit of a legend!!

  • Haha seriously the guy who plays the bagpipes near my office doesn’t have any respect for the bagpipes! I think if proper bagpipe players heard him they’d throw a bag over his head, drag him into the back of their van and drop him into the Pacific!