Call of Duty First Strike Trailer / Music Video

Call of Duty First Strike Trailer / Music Video

OK I don’t often post ‘gamer’ stuff on here, despite having a PS3 section, but I really thought this was worth mentioning for gamers and non-gamers alike.

Call of Duty is a highly successful first-person-shooter franchise that has had a bumpy ride and a roller coaster of feedback from fans, particularly following the release of the latest in the series, ‘Black Ops’, by Treyarch which took a lot of flack from Modern Warfare 2 fans (the release before this one) due to the apparent lack of change in the graphics and gameplay and the seemingly worse situation when it comes to lag.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Treyarch recently released the ‘First Strike’ add-on pack, also known as DLC (downloadable content) which has been gratefully received by Black Ops fans.

Say what you like about Treyarch, they certainly have some style and humour when it comes to promotion and marketing. Just take a look at this trailer video for First Strike’s Berlin Wall map, a music video spoof featuring Scorpion’s Wind of Change.

Turn up your speakers, hit the full screen button on the bottom right of the video and get a load of this.


Quality effort.

I actually looked up the original music video for Wind of Change by the Skorpions. Turns out Treyarch chose this song for a reason. The original, which has had over 16 million views on YouTube, also touches on the Berlin Wall as well as other war and conflict around the world: