Borderlands Review

Borderlands Review

Borderlands. The bad-boy of current releases. We’ve all heard of it but how does it stand up against the current competition out there?

I’m now up to around level 22 and can understand the ins and outs of the game a lot more than when I started.

At the beginning, it’s pretty tough to do any decent damage to anyone. Despite starting with the sniper rifle, I could have done the same damage to enemies by telling them their pals were calling them rude names.

Borderlands - Claptrap and the Chick Art
Graphics and Weapons

The scenery is briliant. There’s not too much in the distant scenery of any interest but you’ll constantly be impressed by your immediate surroundings. Particularly if you’re a fan of graphic-novel-style artwork.

You’ll also keep coming across rare weapons that you convince yourself no one else on the planet knows about. Has anyone else found that 10100 weapon yet? Take a look at the video in this post and it’s the first weapon I use. Leave me a comment if you want to know where I found it (hopefully it’s the same place for everyone).

Don’t forget that, even if you think your weapon is the dog’s knadgers, it won’t do squat if you’re fighting a guy who’s much higher than you in level. Even if he looks identical to the lower level guy you met ten minutes ago who died as soon as you waved your finger at him.

Borderlands Vehicle Art

The buggy things in Borderlands are a lot of fun and drive really well once you’ve got used to the “steering the same way you’re looking” set up. It’s great fun driving over various enemies and causing some carnage.

You do get a “choice” of weapon from each vehicle station but it just seems to be a different name for the same vehicle. It’s more of an identification thing if you have another vehicle already spawned somewhere else in the game.

Other than the buggys, you can jump in a rare turret from time to time but so far I haven’t seen any other vehicles.

Borderlands Co-Op Gameplay


Splitscreen: My brother-in-law came round to join us and we managed to get a few missions in before our partner’s started to get a bit peeved. One thing to note is that experience points gained apply to both characters at the same time. So if you’re at Level 1 and playing with someone who’s Level 20, you’re going to start levelling up bloody quickly.

The screen gets split with a line that runs from top to bottom and the game still plays really well with half a screen.

Online: I’d farkin’ love to tell you what online Borderlands is like but, for now at least, I can’t get the damn thing to work. As you can see in the video in this post, I tried to invite my friend into the game but my in-game friendslist consisted of only two people – both of which I actually deleted from my friendslist months ago.

I tried to hit the “online game” option from the main menu a couple of times and both times the game froze up (except for old claptrap taunting me in the background and making faces) and I had to restart.

Apparently this is all down to gamespy and I’m certainly not the only one who’s been having problems. Lets hope they bring a patch out to fix it soon.

Rent or Own?

If you’re into online gaming, I’d definitely recommend just renting this one for now. If they don’t get the multiplayer fixed soon then this will cause you all sorts of frustrations.

If you play for a couple of hours a day, the single player is more than enough to keep you going for a solid week. After that, if you want more then I’d definitely say it’s worth a purchase. Otherwise, I’d hold off until they bring out an update to fix the online gaming.

One liner

It’s a fun arcade version of Fallout 3 that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Even if you have a weapon that looks like it’ll do some damage, if a guy is a higher level than you, you’re weapon will actually do less damage to them than if you were shooting at a lower level guy.