80s Video Dating

80s Video Dating

Were you of dating age in the 80s?

Firstly, what the hell were you wearing? And what was with your hair? Shame on you!

Secondly, for the love of all things awesome, please, please watch this video. It’s a video montage of men’s dating videos from the 1980s.

I really hope these people found love. They truly deserve it for the sheer awesomeness that flows from their videos.

I think we’ve lost a lot since these golden days. Facial hair and colourful clothing seem to play a large part. How is it fair that we live in such¬†judgmental¬†times that a man can’t even walk down a street in a moustache and dungarees without attracting ridicule?

There’s a lot to be learnt from these videos. I for one had never even considered such pick-up lines as:

I’m interested in most phases of data processing

And …

I’m not afraid to get sand on my tuxedo if you’re not afraid to get your hair messed up a little bit when I take the top down

Let alone dress up as a viking.

Strangely, the viking guy comes across as the most normal person in this video. Except for the costume I mean.

Where are they now?

Brilliantly, Ellen has tracked down three of the men that were in this video.

Check it out!