Top Five Road Trip Destinations in Australia

Top Five Road Trip Destinations in Australia

When people think of Australia, they think of the beautiful beaches. The beaches are not the only highlight. Many people also love the many scenic drives and nature trails along the way. If you are planning a trip to Australia, you may also want to consider these road trips. The trips are unforgettable.

1. Nature’s Way. This Northern Trail begins at Darwin at Nature’s Way. During the road trip, the driver travels along the Mary River. The National Park of Cacadu is the end of the trail. Nature lovers prefer the trails along this scenic drive because there are numerous waterfalls and areas to view the scenery along the way.

Going to the park and viewing East Alligator River is one of the most scenic places throughout the park. If you want to view crocodiles in their natural habitat, this is the place to go. Everyone loves viewing the remains of how Aborigine people lived.

2. Southern Flinders Ranges. This road trip destination is located in the south of Australia. The ranges are just a short drive from Crystal Brook. The Southern Flinder Ranges mark the beginning of the popular Outback. If you visit this area, hiking is an activity you must try. Some of the best views can be seen from the trails leading to the Southern Flinders Ranges. Many people like to bike through this region and enjoy the wonderful view. This wonderful road trip is a must do in Australia.

Southern Flinders Ranges

Southern Flinders Ranges, South Australia (Flickr credit: ka.hi)

3. Coastal and Esperance Trail. People who love the beach will love the beautiful scenery found along the Coastal and Esperance trail. If you want to travel the entirety of this trail, it may require two days to complete. The Southern Ocean is beautiful and is worth every moment. The beaches are incredible and are in close proximity to a small group of islands.

4. Great Ocean Road. If you want to view the luxurious areas of Australia, take a drive along Great Ocean Road. To embark upon this trip, begin at Anglesea and travel to Warnambool. Then, travel along the road to Twelve Apostles. On the way to the Twelve Apostles, there will be hillsides covered in eucalyptus. The high cliffs are also another highlight of the trail.

5. Simpson Desert. If you are searching for a genuine outback adventure, you will want to visit Simpson Desert. This trip is long. You must pack enough food and water for the trip. You should also have ample fuel also before you travel to this region to view the sand dunes. The vegetation is beautiful and colorful. This is a trip you may not want to miss.

Simpson Desert, South Australia

Simpson Desert, South Australia (Flickr credit: Jalbarragup Artworks)

Travel to Australia for a Roadtrip of a Lifetime

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries for a roadtrip. Just be sure to travel in a newer and comfortable SUV with air conditioner. Plan your trip and enjoy the scenic drives.

I personally have ticked off all destinations on this list, taking my used Subaru across the ditch for the scenic drive. How many of these destinations will make it on your travel bucket list?

Written by Alex Kurt
Alex is a motor enthusiast. He also loves vintage car and organizes vintage car shows in his local area.