Planning for Travel

Planning for Travel

A while ago, a guy I know in Timaru was mountaineering in Nepal and collapsed. He woke up in a hospital in Kathmandu with serious blood clots in his legs. He ended up missing his flight home to New Zealand and had to stay at the hospital for a number of days under intensive care.

Luckily for him, he’d got some travel insurance sorted before he left so he was covered for his massive hospital fees plus extensive changes to his transportation plans. Any NZ travel insurance company worth its salt can be found in the directory so check them out if you’re about to head away on holiday.

I got thinking about this Nepal incident again because recently I was playing with the House of Travel’s insurance selector-ma-tron. This is the coolest insurance selector thing I’ve found.

I hate it when you get your car insurance and they ask you a heap of questions and then give you a final price. You’re like “Ok so hang on, how much did I save when I told you I keep the car parked on a driveway? And now how much if I keep it in a locked garage?” The insurance guys get all nervous when you ask questions like that because they don’t want you to know they added an extra $20 to your premium just because you said you had a red car.

So that’s why this selector thingy kicks arse. You can play with the settings as much as you like and see the direct result on the price you have to pay. I didn’t even realise how cheap travel insurance can be. Very soon, I’m heading off to North West Island off the coast of Australia. Any New Zealander knows that in Australia, if it moves, it’ll kill you. So I reckon travel insurance is gonna be a bloody good idea!

Not so much for around New Zealand. Our Kiwi aren’t really going to do you too much damage. Unless you step on one. And then a guy from DOC will turn up with a shovel and flatten you. Not sure if insurance would cover you for that anyway come to think of it …

So what was the point of this blog post again? Oh yeah:

  1. Get travel insurance before you travel because it’s cheap and if you buy it after you’ve already travelled then you’re daft.
  2. I’m going away to a tropical island and you’re not.
  • Jake

    I got travel insurance for my upcoming NZ trip. It’ll come in handy when I fall into Fox Glacier and my sorry corpse has to be shipped back to Australia.

  • Nice work Jake. Think positive!