Kiwi Travel Writer

Kiwi Travel Writer is written by ‘a freelance, blogging travel-writer’ and self proclaimed passionate nomad by the name of Heather Haoeta. The Kiwi-Travel-Writer blog is hosted on the site. Heather also keeps herself busy writing for another personal blog as well as representing Christchurch on the NileGuide webiste.

What you’ll find on the blog …

Kiwi Travel Writer BlogAt first glance, the design and layout of the blog can be a bit overwhelming. It looks like Heather spends so much time creating quality writing that sometimes a few design flaws result.

Like me, you may be tempted to click on the ‘Naked in Budapest’ link but that page is all but unreadable due to a layout issue that may have come about through changing the WordPress template at some point without reformatting some of the blog posts.

Despite the author being a freelance writer, you will also come across a grammatical error or two in each blog post.

Design and grammar issues aside, Heather certainly covers some interesting topics, particularly for those who are residents of Christchurch or wishing to travel to Christchurch. Heather also appears to have a good fan base across some of her sites and manages to encourage a fair bit of interaction through comments as well as social media channels such as her Twitter account, which has over 3,000 followers.

About the blog author …

Heather Hapeta has a real passion for writing, photography and travel and this clearly comes across throughout her blogs and on the sites that she writes for. You can find out much more about Heather by visiting the About Me page of her website.

You should subscribe to this blog if …

… you’re keen on hearing about events and festivals in Christchurch and you’re not as pedantic as I am about design! You can subscribe by entering your email address on her homepage or by following her on Twitter or Facebook.