Best Shore Excursions in New Zealand

Best Shore Excursions in New Zealand

The Land of the Long White Cloud attracts thousands of tourists every year, hoping to get a glimpse of the sheer natural beauty of the country. Whether you are a nature lover, movie buff, history fanatic or adventure enthusiast, you’ll find your dream destination in New Zealand. One of the best ways to experience New Zealand is by cruise ship, as you sail into ports with undisturbed views of the picturesque coastline and rolling mountain ranges. Flying to New Zealand, travellers do not have the opportunity to view these breathtaking sights, making cruising to New Zealand the perfect choice for holidaymakers.

If you are planning your next cruise to the beautiful surrounds of New Zealand, be sure to disembark at these ports of interest, for a chance to experience some of the best shore excursions in the world.

Bluff, New Zealand

The southernmost town in New Zealand, Bluff is an enlightening region of the history of the South Island. One of the most famous traits of Bluff is its world class oysters, which have seafood lovers raving for years to come. When embarking on a shore excursion at Bluff, be sure to take the time to dine at one of the many coastal restaurants, to see what all the fuss is about! The Stirling Point Signpost is also a great tourist attraction and perfect for those holiday happy snaps to take back home, as it has markers which indicate the distance to the South Pole and various other worldly destinations.

Auckland, New Zealand

One of the major points for disembarking on cruises from Australia to New Zealand is the port of Sydney. Cruise deals from Sydney often include a number of locations for breathtaking shore excursions, including the capital city of Auckland.

Auckland Waterfront

The vibrant city of Auckland has a number of great options for shore excursions for cruisers, including discovering the city centre, visiting galleries and museums and climbing the Auckland Harbour Bridge. A famous tourist attraction, for both cruise passengers and other travellers is the Sky Tower, which provides undisturbed 360 degree views of the city skyline.

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Located in the Northland region of the North Island of New Zealand, the Bay of Islands consists of 140 individual islands, varying greatly in size and land mass. The breathtaking white sand beaches of the region are complimented by the lush rainforest of the green New Zealand countryside. The Bay of Islands is the perfect port for disembarking, for lovers of nature. One of the biggest attractions for the Bay of Islands is the swimming with the dolphins excursions, which offers cruise passengers a once in a lifetime experience.

Whether you choose to experience the bright lights of Auckland city or discover the true natural beauty of the Bay of Islands, it is easy to see that New Zealand truly does offer cruisers some of the best shore excursions in the world.

Written by Tara Blair
It is almost as good as dream comes true for Tara when she got an offer as a travel writer, infusing her love for travel and her passion to share wonderful moments with her fellow travellers. Tara also loves yoga and teaches part-time in a local studio.

  • Donna Hamilton

    Best Shore Excursions are where you don’t spend precious “experience” time wasted in traveling miles from your boat! Many Cruise passengers get uneasy about being too far from their ship anyway, worried about not getting back on time, but sadly, to find anywhere of relative interest outside a city, tour operators are forced to travel these distances! Most of the places visited are Public places, often “thrashed” by tourists too. Small operators usually have more personalised tours but are often overlooked by Cruise passengers because [again] they are concerned they will miss their sail-time. Look out for operators who specialise in Shore Excursions; those that have the yard, have traveler recommendations (like Tripadvisor reviews), and those that offer a “unique” product !