Top Wedding Photographers in New Zealand

Top Wedding Photographers in New Zealand

My last blog post was quite a negative one about a chap that took photographs from wedding photographer’s Facebook Pages and posted them on his own, effectively promoting them as his own work.

A group of New Zealand photographers found out and effectively brought this guy to justice. After being exposed to the masses and featuring on the front page of a newspaper (and far more importantly, having a blog post on NZ Raw written about him) the guy sure learnt his lesson.

So following the negative post, I figured I’d write a nice cheerful one about some top wedding photographers around the country that I’ve had the pleasure of either meeting in person, online, or I believe I’m reasonably familiar with their work.

The majority of these photographers have all joined forces on Facebook and regularly praise each others work. It’s great to see potential ‘rivals’ actually banding together for a common good for a change. Although it does help that they’re mostly in different regions. That’s why I’ve separated this blog post into the regions around New Zealand.

If you’re looking for a photographer in a particular part of the country, just use one of these quick links:

Starting with …

A top wedding photographer in Christchurch

Christchurch is the largest and, since the earthquake, flattest city on the south island (it’s ok, I can joke about the quake ‘cos I was here).

Anyone who regularly reads this blog (that’s all of you right?) should have a pretty good idea that Heather Ellis Photography and I are actually connected here in Christchurch.

I’m lucky enough to be married to Heather’s husband’s cousin. Sounds like a long connection but we’re all very close! I’ve put a lot of Heather’s website together and, in return, she’s just generally awesome to be around.

Knowing that, it would be easy to say that I’m biased in endorsing her photography work. However, I genuinely believe that she is a fantastic photographer and has a brilliant style that is so easy to connect with. Her and Doug make a top team and create a brilliant set of wedding photographs for every wedding that they attend, as you can see from many of the examples in her blog.

Top Wedding Photography by Heather Ellis

They both know the Christchurch and Canterbury region very well and have performed their work at a number of different wedding venues so are adapt at finding those perfect settings for your photos.

I can honestly say that I would have been proud to have had Heather taking the photos at my own wedding, had she been in the country at the time!

Heather has an active following on her Facebook Page and she also tweets away on Twitter.

A brilliant wedding photographer in Blenheim

Blenheim, in Marlborough, is a beautiful part of the country that is well known for its fine wines and characterful vineyards.

Blenheim is also where you’ll find a great wedding photographer by the name of Jessica Jones Photography. I met Jess at Heather’s wedding (I was Heather and Doug’s groomsman). Jess and her husband, Paul, were Heather’s photographers for her own wedding.

It’s not often that Jessica Jones Photography come to Christchurch but Heather insisted almost to the point that the wedding wouldn’t go ahead if Jess wasn’t the photographer (much to Doug’s dismay!). An endorsement like that, from one photographer to another, is nothing to shake a stick at.

As well as beautiful wedding photography, Jessica and her husband also perform portraits as well as commercial photography, particularly in the Marlborough real estate world. They’ve taken some stunning photographs which make their website really worth a visit.

You can also find Jessica Jones Photography on her blog, Facebook and, just recently, on the front page of the Marlborough Express!

Getting married in Dunedin? Speak to Kimberley Cheyne

Dunedin, Otago. That’ll be another great place on the south island (most famously for students but also for normal people too!).

Kimberley Cheyne is a wedding photographer in Dunedin that also does portrait, graduation and landscape photography under the title of Kimberley Cheyne Photography.

I also met Kimberley and her partner at Heather’s wedding. In fact, there were a few photographers there … I’m surprised I got an invite!

Kimberley takes some great photos that are full of character and show her real sense of love for her work. She knows Dunedin well and, if you’re getting married there or nearby, you really shouldn’t confirm a wedding photographer unless you’ve taken the time to speak to Kimberley Cheyne first.

You can catch up with her through her website or on her Facebook Page.

Show me an awesome wedding photographer in Auckland!

Getting married on the north island? Don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you. In fact, if you’re getting married in Auckland maybe you’ll be lucky enough to employ the wedding photography services of Shot By Robins.

Shot By Robins is the photography company of Gareth Robins (see what he did with the name there?). He operates out of Auckland but travels around the country when required.

I’ve ‘known’ Gareth for a while now through the wonder of Twitter (his Twitter account is @shotbyrobins) but we finally had an excuse to talk on the phone just recently when we were discussing photo copyrights and the like. Gareth provided some great input for a blog post I was writing.

As you can see from his website, Gareth takes some stunning photographs and has an awesome style. He also does a free engagement photography shoot which is a pretty neat idea. That way you can get a feel for his style and how he works with people. He must get along with people pretty well as I don’t see him getting any complaints.

You can also connect with Gareth on his Facebook Page.

I’m getting married in Gisborne. Photographer please!

Is that so? Fair enough. Gisborne is a fine place to get married. It’s even the first city in the world to see the new day so if you say, for example, “I’m getting married on the 8th” you’ll actually be the first couple in the world to get married in a city on the 8th! Or something …

Anyway where was I … oh yeah, we’re talking about photographers in Gisborne. I’ve mentioned Gisborne specifically for two reasons:

  1. It’s where I got married
  2. It’s where you’ll find Jayson Kingsbeer

Jayson is a Gisborne wedding photographer that operates under the title of Jayson Kingsbeer Photography. Jayson is unique to the region as he’s an award winning photographer that has also been featured on television. All thanks to the amazing business sense and drive that he has at such a young age.

He operates all through the East Coast and carries out photography work in the fields of weddings, portraits and events.

You’ll find an awesome display of his work on his website and you’ll also find him cranking the social media-verse on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, Jayson’s another guy that I know through Twitter and I try not to be too jealous that he has twice as many followers as I do and yet he’s more than ten years my junior! Good on ya Jayson.

How about the Waikato?

Also on the north island and in fact covering Hamilton, Cambridge, Tauranga and the Waikato, are Artisan Studio Photography. Artisan Studio is different in that it was originally started by a single photography and has grown to include the original photographer’s (Gill’s) daughter, Nicky, and then husband, Warwick, and son-in-law, Louis. Quite a team!

Each of the photographers brings their own unique skills, talents and style to the table to ensure that Artisan Studio can provide you with a style that best suits your own needs and tastes.

These guys provide some classy wedding photography services as well as portrait and commercial photography. Their website reveals their wide range of talents via their gallery so be sure to drop by.

Know anyone else?

Kiwis are great at recognising and raving about the talents of other Kiwis. If you’ve had a top experience with a wedding photographer in your region, let us know in the comments below.

Incidentally, if you’re viewing all these fine examples of wedding photography and you think ‘Man, I want to be a photographer’, speak to the guys at photo & video and they’ll hook you up with some gear to play with.

  • Ddotr85

    Go Mark, awesome Blog!!!!!

  • Ben

    Mark. I have to agree with everything you said about Gareth Robbins. We found him on facebook, and gave him a trial as he offers a free engagement photo shoot. My wife and I were so impressed with his relaxed nature and how easy he is to work with, as soon as we set our wedding date, we booked him. We love the fact there were no time constraints as he books 1 wedding per day. We found this great as he and his assistant (Yes 2 photographers!!) were there to capture the entire day. Even our guests commented on how great he was. To finish it all off, his followup after the wedding was superb. He got the photos back to us much sooner than we expected, and they are all great. All in all I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. My wife and I would definitely recommend Gareth.

  • Awesome, thanks Ben. Great to hear a review from one of his clients. I’ll make sure that Gareth sees it.

  • Jessica Jones

    Ohhhhh aren’t you sweet!  Thank you so much :) 

  •  thanks great blog

  • Gaz

    Im sure all the photographers mention are good at what they do, but i had the pleasure of seeing Gareth Robins in action at a mates wedding a couple of weeks ago. My fiance and I were in the bridal party and we were very impressed with his creative work. We are definately going to get in touch with him for our wedding this year. 

  • Thanks Gaz. Looks like Gareth’s getting some great feedback on here. Hey wait … Gaz … Gareth … are you promoting yourself? ;) (just kidding!)

  • Sarah

    I would definitely put James Broadbent in here – Love his work, it’s very natural.