Need a Takeaway Coffee Cup? Try Mug Hug

Need a Takeaway Coffee Cup? Try Mug Hug

If you’ve got a thing for takeaway coffee cups and you’re looking for a new one, stop right there because there’s a new product freshly introduced to the New Zealand market called Mug Hug.

A while back I wrote about the KeepCup, a sexy little re-usable coffee cup that’s popular amongst those in the know. The KeepCup replaces those freakin’ awful disposable cardboard cups that you still get in thousands of cafés and petrol stations around the country.

By re-using your KeepCup, you’re helping to reduce landfill and help the environment, all of which adds to your sex appeal (sorry I somehow started on the ‘coffee cups are sexy’ route and can’t seem to break away from it).

The Mug Hug

Now, a New Zealand ‘coffee lover and landfill hater’ has taken the re-usable scenario one step further in the form of Mug Hug.

Introducing the Mug Hug

The problem with the KeepCup is that it still uses a fair bit of plastic to make. And all the while, chances are that you still have your favourite mug at home which, of course, isn’t practical to take to a café because it has no lid.

That’s where Mug Hug steps in.

Mug Hug Coffee Lid

Mug Hug is a ‘silicone mug lid’ that fits a number of mug sizes to form a seal. You can put it on your own mug to turn a normal coffee cup into a takeaway coffee cup.

The Mug Hug comes in two different sizes, one for ‘most tourist style and printed mugs’ and the other for ‘most dinner set or modern, tapered ceramic mugs’. According to the back of the pack:

Mug Hug is a flexible lid that fits on your favourite mugs. It simply presses on or the outer wall stretches to seal on the mug. Only for responsible adult use.

Not sure if I should be operating one as I’m far from being a responsible adult but I didn’t have any problems.

my mug has a hat

Also on the box:

  • Made from food safe, tasteless silicone
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Not for microwave oven use
  • Stackable in your cupboard for easy storage
  • Easy to drink from, similar to cafe to-go cups

Fear not, dear consumers, I’ve had a jolly good think about this on your behalf and I’m reasonably certain that the silicone is merely tasteless in terms of affecting the flavour of your coffee rather than tasteless in that it comes in yellow with pink polka dots and asks your mum out when it’s had a few drinks.

Does it Work?


Maybe add some more detail?

Mug Hug on a Coffee MugI got chalk on my hands but there’s a strong possibility that that was due to the stupid words I wrote on my mug while I was taking photos of it (sorry about that, I’m a pretty amatuer product photographer).

The lid seals the coffee mug well and is quite easy to drink out of with the lid on. Dare I say it, it’s easier to drink out of than the KeepCup.

What’s really cool is that it also helps the coffee to stay hotter for longer. Despite being into cool takeaway coffee cups, (you’re all jealous of my camera lens coffee cup), I spend more time making coffee while at work than I do going out to buy takeaway coffees. As I mostly drink coffee while writing on my laptop (I’m drinking right now. Well not right now, don’t be stupid)  my coffee usually goes cold.

Right now, my mug is being hugged by a Mug Hug so it’s keeping itself happily warm while it waits to be consumed.

What does your wife think of it?

Funny you should ask. My wife just walked in and said “Oh hey that’s cool” so I’m just gonna totally generalise and take that as a common perspective from the fairer gender.

She was a bit more aggressive with it than me and thought that it came off the coffee mug a bit too easily but I think it’s a fairly good fit. You don’t want something that you have to awkwardly lever on and off each time you want to refill your mug but the lid seems to stay on fine while I swing the mug around.

Note that the lid does of course have a hole in it so you can drink from it so don’t swing it around too much (my wife would like to confirm that I shouldn’t do that as well).

So where can I buy a Mug Hug?

Write a highly popular and influential blog and you may just get one of these turn up in the post. Alternatively, you can try the Earth Angel online store (I’d try the ‘Drink’ or the ‘Reuse’ sections) or the Crumbles Art website.

Note that at time of writing, the Mug Hugs are shipping themselves on the way to those stores so you can’t buy one just yet but keep checking back. If you’re looking to stock them yourselves, contact Lawry at Mug Hug.

Update: I’ve just discovered that you can also buy the Mug Hug at Pomeroys Coffee Co. If you don’t see it in their online store, flick them a message and demand your Mug Hug!

If they go the same way as the KeepCup, I really hope that the cafés and takeaway coffee shops start stocking these themselves. Some cafés were offering a free coffee when you buy your first KeepCup, I reckon they should do the same thing with the Mug Hug – take your own coffee cup along, buy a Mug Hug and get your mug filled up with coffee for free.

Take note coffee-type-beverage suppliers!

  • Heather

    OMG!!!!! How have you never told me this???!!!!!!! That should of been the FIRST thing to bring up last night!!!!!!!!!! WANT!!!!

  • What? You mean you’re not subscribed to my blog? haha  

  • Lawry@MugHug

    Mug Hug is pritty damn exciting, if I don’t say so myself. I hope to have a few retailers in Christchurch town soon. Its a coming to a store near you. Thanks for your enthusiastic comment Heather. 

  • Simon East

    Hi. Saw this link when my better half sent me an article on how Christchurch is recovering. Coming down from England for the RWC in 3 weeks. A limited edition rugby version (Rug Hug??) for us touring pill chasers would be a good theme; % of sales to help Christchurch funds? Just a thought.