Photos on Canvas

Photos on Canvas

This is totally going to look like a paid blog post or like I’ve done a deal with My World where they provide me with photos on canvas to practically wallpaper my living room with … but it’s not. It’s actually me just saying a simple ‘Hey, these guys did a great job at a great price and I’d like to say something about it’.

As well as blog writing, I’m quite into photography even though I’m not exactly up there with Ansell Adams.

I love photos printed on canvas as opposed to those in frames. Canvas gives the photos a great texture, gives them a bit more presence on the wall and also, the sunlight doesn’t reflect off canvas like it can off a glass photo frame.

Photos on Canvas

In the past, I’ve casually looked around at a few websites that offer photos printed on canvas but many of the sites don’t look pretty professional or they charge a fair whack. However, my biggest fear has been ‘what if the colours come out really bad?’. I’ve seen a few photos printed on canvas where the colours don’t reflect well on the photograph that was originally provided. Even black and white photos can look short and with solid contrast on a computer screen but when printed they can look washed out and weak.

However, I recently came across My World ( Unlike many other photo companies that produce books, ornaments and cheesy coffee mugs with your photo printed on them, My World are all about photos on canvas.

About My World

These guys have a really smart, modern website that allows you to upload your photo, select the canvas options (two different thicknesses, wrapped around the edges or solid colour borders, various sizes) and then they show you how the photo would fit on the canvas and bam, you’re done.

I would say that the best thing is their price – their maximum price is for an A1 canvas (big) at just $147 on heavy canvas or $100 on light. Not only that but they say ‘find a cheaper price in New Zealand and we’ll beat it by 15%’.

But that’s not actually the best thing. I was actually a bit worried because I thought the quality would suffer but I got a black and white photo printed on to A3 canvas and it came out perfect. I was actually really happy with the result (it’s in the photo above). It’s delivered to you in plastic shrink wrap and then in a cardboard sleeve so it’s fairly well protected. Plus if you were buying it as a gift for someone else, it would look brand new and well sealed.

So yeah, check ’em out:

Update: I’ve had a couple of comments since posting this from other customers of My World. It seems that others may not be receiving the same service that I did. I’d recommend checking out the comments below before you make your decision.

Have you had an experience with My World, good or bad? If so, comment below.

NEW UPDATE!: GrabOne are currently offering a deal on photos on canvas from Photo Snap. $35 for $90 value. Sign up for their deals here.

  • Samuel Edwards

    I have ordered 7 prints from these guys and can’t get hold of them, have tried for two weeks on 0508 number and emailed them millions of times, do you have any ideas how to get hold of them???

  • Hi Samuel. Thanks for your feedback. They had been great with me but I’m just one person – it’s great to hear another point of view. I’m afraid I don’t have any other contact details for them. I take it you have used:

    0508 699 6753
    PO Box 3013 HBMC 4142

    If that isn’t working, you can make a complaint to the Commerce Commission using their online form. Details and link here:

    If you do, please let me know how you get on. If they are really causing issues I will add an extra paragraph or two to the above review!

    Obviously I’d love to hear more points of view on this as well. Has anyone else had any experiences with My World? Good or bad?

  • Alysia

    I ordered a print from myworld as a Christmas present for my parents. I checked the myworld website well in advance, and it said all prints ordered before midnight 12th December were guaranteed to arrive by Christmas. However, when I placed my order on the 11th December, the website now said that the Christmas cut-off date was 10th of December. My print didn’t arrive in time for Christmas, so i’m not very impressed.

  • Hmm not good. I’ve just updated the post above with a new update concerning these comments. If others have any experiences with My World, good or bad, please comment below.

  • Livyharding

    I’ve used myworld a couple of times over the past year or so and i’ve found the service to be really good. I have just submitted another photo to be printed so we’ll see if the standards are still the same