Five Best Christmas Marketing Campaigns

Five Best Christmas Marketing Campaigns

Advertisers are all vying for top spot during the silly season. Target in the States admits that Christmas accounts for 60% of their retail sales all year, so getting their marketing campaign right is so important. It is also the hardest time of the year for advertisers to stand out, so ideas and executions have to be memorable.

OfficeMax – ElfYourself Surely you have heard of it, if not made a video of yourself being Elfed and sent it onto family and friends. This was OfficeMax’s digital site that went viral for a very good reason. Who doesn’t want to see themselves dance and sing as a little elf in the snow? It is easy to create by uploading a photo of yourself and letting the site do the rest.

As a result, 47% of the public are familiar with ElfYourself and know it is an OfficeMax initiative, while more than a third of these were inclined to visit an OfficeMax store.

ElfYourself Christmas Cards

Ebay – Give-A-Toy Campaign

Donating gifts to underprivileged kids at Christmas time is something that has been done for years. For both parties involved there is a win win outcome, always proving to be successful for the marketer because of it’s charitable notion whilst giving to the children at the same time. Ebay put a twist on their campaign by using QR Codes and a virtual shopfront where consumers were able to view and buy from an assortment of gifts. Each toy had a unique QR Code which the user scanned to then buy the gift for a child.


Supposedly the inventor of Santa Claus as we know him today…chubby, cheery and wearing a red suit, you can always rely on Coca-Cola to spend time and money on a great television commercial at Christmas time. A version that rolls out every few years is the line of semi trailers all lit up with fairy lights, winding through the hills and lighting up childrens imaginations as Coca-Cola recreates the magic of Christmas and to encourage us believers to drink something else during the festive season.

Bonds – 12 Days of Christmas

This is definitely one of the best Christmas commercials in circulation. Using the traditional Christmas carol, they were able to advertise a very large range of Bonds iconic products for women, men and children. Conceptually this ad is awesome and to represent the line ‘6 geese are laying’ by showing 6 pregnant women, is simply genius – quirky and cute.

bonds christmas tv commercial

Custom Christmas Cards

Thoughtful, simple and full of holiday spirit. Nothing says Christmas more than Xmas cards and personalised ones at that. Anything is possible, from designing your own card to choosing from the 100’s of template designs available online. Your clients will love this gesture and you don’t need to spend a fortune.

Some of the best marketing campaigns are often the simplest. So no matter what your budget is, the key is to make a lasting impression that will be remembered throughout the holiday season.

Written by Tara Blair

It was almost as good as dream comes true for Tara when she got an offer as a full-time writer three years ago. Tara loves to share her passion on anything to do with graphic design and DIY art & craft. When Tara is not writing you will most probably find her at her local yoga studio coaching fellow yogis.