Customer Service Done Right

In my last post, I detailed the problems I’d been having with NZ CourierPost. At the end, I mentioned that I’d also received the wrong product from

I went to both CourierPost and and placed feedback and asked for a response. This is the feedback I’ve received so far. I still haven’t heard back from CourierPost but responded fairly promptly (especially considering the proximity to Christmas). My complaint to them was:

I’ve just received the American Crew Product 3 pack I ordered. I chose the “Molding Clay firm hold” option and you’ve sent Firm Hold Styling Gel which wasn’t even in the original options and not in the photo of the three different products available. Any reason?

Thanks, Mark

and they responded that afternoon with:

Hi Mark

It is with great regret that we are unable to supply you with the correct Hair Styling Product. Due to a supplier issue we have been provided with Firm Hold Gel, not the Firm Hold Molding Clay as was on offer on the day. This was not detected until after the product had already left us. We have contacted the supplier to obtain the correct styling Clay but they are unable to supply us the product as ordered.

To try to compensate you for this error we are happy to offer a $20 store credit, and you can keep the styling gel.

We apologise for this error and know it will be a small consolation, but hope the Store Credit will go some way to making up for this.

The credit will be put on your account as soon as possible, but if you would like to comment in the meantime please do so.


The 1-day Customer Service Team

Personally I think this is a fantastic response. I often place feedback on online forms and very rarely do I get such a personalised response. And it’s even more rare to get any kind of decent explaination and compensation.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I’m not exactly a fussy hair guy. I was more annoyed that I’d paid for something and been sent something else, now matter how great the deal was.

In actual fact I had spent $39.99 for three products and 1-day have offered me a $20 store credit. Quite a generous result and one that I’m more than happy with.

I’ll definitely be returning to the store for more great deals. Good on ya 1-day.

Unfortunately I have yet to regain any form of confidence in CourierPost!

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  • Simon N

    Nice one. You motivated me to email Tow Right and describe the crappy customer service I received from them. They have a sign in reception stating if your not happy they want to hear about it. Be funny if they reply and clearly didn’t want to hear about it! But it wasn’t as fustrating as CourierPost. I think Fastway are better. I’ll avoid CourierPost based on this alone, clearly no systems in place.

  • Go for it. It’s a competitive market out there. Companies should highly appreciate negative criticism as it opens up the door to improvement and might help them to understand why their business is operating poorly.

  • satwinder

    Hi there,
    I have ordered my item on 1 day sale which said, 4-5 days for delivery. After 8 days, I sent mail to 1day sale abt my item then they sent me mail after 2 days which mentioned my item just sent.. such a joke did with me. I was waiting my item for such a long time n then got mail abt it just sent after 9 days which spouse to deliver within 4-5 days..

    I really need that item that’s why I ordered on this website otherwise I would use trademe which is super fast. To be honest, 1 day sale provide SUPER SLOW SERVICE.

    it also happened Wid me before. I ordered my item n after 7-8 when I didn’t get my item I sent mail, sale team said item out of stock so will refund my money widin 4-5 days.

  • Aman Thakur



  • Rex Widerstrom

    Well that’s lovely for you, but I paid almost $1,000 for an iPhone for my son. Was told 4 – 6 working days for delivery and and email would be sent when the product was dispatched.

    Ten working days later, no product and no email. As others have noted, there’s no phone number for this business. Used their online chat who was unable to look up the status of any order but promised “the dispatch people” would get back to me by the following morning at the latest.

    Next day, no email, no product. So I’ve emailed them off their site and demanded my money back within 48 hours, after which I got to the Police and NZ Commerce Commission.

    I have been buying online from all over the world for years and have never, ever, been treated so poorly and been outright robbed like this. Despite being in NZ, the lack of any actual company details on the website means I’ll have to trace who to sue via their domain registration. Luckily I know how to do this and can draft a claim – many people wouldn’t, and even if you can it’s hours of your time wasted for nothing other than your own money back in your pocket.

    My advice: DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS BUSINESS, no matter how good the “deal” sounds.

  • Amy McKenna

    I received a faulty product that unfortunately couldn’t be replaced. 1-Day were extremely fast in getting back to me, gave me a full refund and allowed me to keep the faulty product. Great service received.
    I have never previously had any issues or faults with other products I’ve bought so can highly recommend