Baby Teething Causes Crying. That sucks.

Baby Teething Causes Crying. That sucks.

Ok here’s a newsflash for you. Babies cry lots. And not even during sociable hours. In fact, the chance of crying is directly proportional to the chance that you’re watching ‘The Game’ or talking to ‘The Boys’ or you have ‘A Headache’.

I’m told by those who know more about babies than me (note that this includes pretty much everyone) that one reason that makes babies cry is baby teething. For some reason, babies aren’t born with teeth. Very impractical, I know. Someone needs to talk to the designers.

Apparently, turning the stereo up is not a great solution to this and definitely not recommended by the team here at NZ:RAW (ok yeah there’s only one of us but sometimes the power of one is more effective in the battle for – ok I’m rambling). Nor is it recommended by child support services and I’ve heard that first hand so in some small way that makes me better than you when it comes to supremacy in parenting.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah. Baltic amber teething necklaces. Not sure if you knew that yet but yeah that’s the solution. This lady I know hand-crafted some kick-ass amber teething necklaces using nothing but amber, teethes and a woman who happens to be a mother AND a mid-wife so it’s possibly fair to say that she knows more than me, maybe, about not only educating a baby but actually extracting that baby from … a woman’s … place … in the first place.

Not only that but she sourced the top-grade-best-teething-pain-reducing-amber all the way from Lithuania, by crikey! Apparently it doesn’t even work by voodoo magic or anything. You can read how amber teething necklaces work by clicking on that link back there, no, no, you’ve gone past it.

Personally when I hear someone talk to me about amber I instantly think of:

a) traffic lights

b) dinosaur DNA

But no. They also happen to be a damn fine solution to baby teething pain! Who would have thought it? Not me. Although, not knowing anything about babies other than the fact that they make loud noises and attract women better than an Italian ballroom dancer doesn’t exactly qualify me as a baby expert per-say.

So there ya go. You have a problem with screaming babies. I have provided the solution. If that doesn’t qualify me for Dr. Phil status I don’t know what will.