A Unique Coffee Cup

A Unique Coffee Cup

If you read a bit of my work, you’ll know I have a bit of a thing for coffee. I also have a bit of a thing against take away cups.

About a year ago I wrote about the KeepCup take away coffee cup. This is a trendy coffee cup based on a simple premise, the premise that buying take away coffee is fine but using hundreds of disposable cardboard cups each year isn’t.

A year on, my own KeepCup is still going (and I’ve probably stopped about 100 cardboard cups becoming land-fill) although it did get attacked by the dog and is a little bit worse for wear.

With that in mind, I casually kept an eye out for a replacement travel cup. I will get another KeepCup one day but in the meantime, I came across this bad boy. And you can’t deny, this is pretty awesome.

Camera Lens Coffee Cup

As you can see, this is a camera lens coffee cup. Looks like a camera lens, but it’s a coffee cup. True story. I found this online and had to buy it. In fact, I bought two and gave one to my photographer pal (she’s a Christchurch wedding photography chick don’t cha know) and she was pretty over the moon with it.

So much so that she immediately took a heap of photos of it, put them on her Facebook Page and had about 30 comments within half an hour. All along the lines of ‘I want one!’.

You can see in the below photo that this camera lens is a replica of the Canon lens. Looks pretty smart when you place it next to an actual Canon camera … although it does tend to make my own camera look a little small.

Camera Lens Thermos and Camera

The buttons and switches don’t actually move but the two ribbed rings slide around like I imagine the manual focus would on the real thing.

Pretty smart huh? It’s definitely a conversation piece. I’ve shown this to a few people now and every one of them hesitated before realised it was an actual coffee cup. You’ll also spark up a bit of conversation every time you hand it to the person at the café when you ask them to fill it with your take-away coffee.

Only issues are:

  1. Don’t get it mixed up with a real camera lens and a) try and attach it to your camera (this won’t look very professional) or b) pour coffee on your actual lens
  2. Don’t leave it in the cup holder of your car. A passing criminal will probably think it’s the real thing and smash your window to get to it

The website that I bought this from also had a number of variations for different lenses (Nikon etc.). If you’re on the look-out for a novelty coffee mug in New Zealand, you should check out these cool mugs on the Mighty Ape website.