NZ CourierPost Fails to Deliver

NZ CourierPost Fails to Deliver

In my full time job I’m involved with marketing. One of the main difficulties we face as marketers is getting our audience to trust us. Companies can only gain the trust of their audience is by finding out exactly what it is their customers want and then delivering specifically what they have charged their customers for.

That brings me nicely onto CourierPost.

Assume you’ve purchased something of a significant enough value – let’s say $100 worth of vouchers that have no name on and can be given to anyone. You want that item to delivered directly to yourself. Have a think about what the most important requirements are for your courier company.

Hopefully you’re like me and would say:

  • Delivery on the day that I pay for it to be delivered
    so that I know I’ll be there to receive the item
  • Released only to me and signed by me
    the parcel is effectively $100 cash to anyone
  • If there are any problems, I would expect an honest and helpful support service

CourierPost have failed these requirements in fantastic style. And not for the first time. If this was the first time, I wouldn’t be bothering to write this blog post.

How CourierPost Failed:

My mother lives in the UK. She wanted to buy my wife a Christmas present online from a supplier in NZ. So she went to the website and bought her $100 worth of cinema passes. She paid extra for an overnight delivery and had them sent to our home address in Woolston, Christchurch.

Here’s the result of 8 days and 4 phone calls:

CourierPost Track and Trace Receipt

You can clearly see on this receipt that the item was picked up on December 11th and was on an overnight service. The 11th is a Friday so the next working day would be Monday the 14th.

We got home late on the 14th and found a card-to-call. My wife assumed they would attempt another delivery so didn’t call on the 15th. When nothing arrived, my wife called and asked for the parcel to be redelivered to her workplace as she wouldn’t be at home to receive it personally. She was told it would be delivered on the morning of the 17th.

On the 17th, at work, she waited all morning and called CourierPost again at  mid-day. The conversation went something like:

Lauren: Hi there, I’m just waiting for my parcel to be delivered. Can you tell me where it is?
CP: It’s still with the courier but that’s really to be expected.
Lauren: How so? I was told it would be here this morning?
CP: Yeah but it’s a busy time of year so there’s nothing you can do.
Lauren: Ok … so when can I expect it?
CP: Hopefully it’ll be there later today.

Lauren waited at work all day then called again when nothing turned up. Again she was told that  it was a busy time of year and so would be redelivered the next day for sure. The 18th.

On the 18th December, surprise surprise, nothing turned up at work. She left for home at 5pm and called CourierPost. This time the conversation ran:

Lauren: Hi I’ve been waiting for a parcel and keep getting told it will be delivered then it doesn’t turn up.
CP: Oh no it was delivered this morning.
Lauren: What? Who to?
CP: Your workplace.
Lauren: Well I’ve been there all day and haven’t received anything.
CP: Oh right. Actually it was delivered at 4:47pm.
Lauren: What? So it’s been delivered just now?
CP: Yup.
Lauren: But it’s supposed to be delivered to me. Who signed for it?
CP: I don’t know.
Lauren: OK well I’ll check myself and call you back.

At the point I stepped in. I checked the CourierPost Track and Trace system and that told me that the parcel hadn’t been delivered at all and was still in transit. If I can look that information up, why couldn’t the guy at CourierPost? OK maybe he’d got the Track and Trace number wrong but even then, he gave two completely different times for delivery and then couldn’t say who had signed for it. And even THEN, the parcel is marked for signature by the specific recipient, my wife, and that hadn’t happened.

So this time I called CourierPost myself.

Mark: Hi there, my wife is expecting a package and has called CourierPost 3 times and been told all sorts of rubbish about its delivery. What’s going on?
Lady at CP: Oh my, I’m so sorry about that. Yes I can see right here that she’s already called a few times. I can see that it’s on the courier van right now and should be with you soon.
Mark: Don’t take this personally but I’m not happy with that as an answer. We’ve been told all sorts of information by CourierPost that has turned out to be false.
Lady at CP: Yes that’s absolutely fair enough. I’ll phone the courier driver now and find out what’s going on ……………….. ok unfortunately they’re not answering but I will ensure that the courier driver phones you tomorrow morning between 8am and 10am and we’ll be having words with this driver.
Mark: Ok get them to call me on my cell phone and also my wife isn’t at work tomorrow so it needs to be delivered to my home address. But get them to call me first to make sure we’re up and we receive the parcel personally because this is getting silly.
Lady at CP: Oh definitely. I’ll make sure that happens.

Saturday the 19th arrives. 10am comes and goes and I’ve received no parcel and no phone call. Just as I’m about to call CourierPost and unleash hell, my wife gets a phone call from her colleague at the retail store where she works. The tatty parcel has turned up there (instead of our home) and delivery has been taken by herself (despite the parcel needing to be signed for by my wife WITH a drivers license if at an alternative address).

According to CourierPost:

What is a signature required upon delivery service?
To provide peace of mind, we offer a signature required upon delivery service option when sending items.

And here’s the signature. Maybe by the person who received the item, maybe by the courier driver themselves:

courier post track and trace signature

So here’s my present to you New Zealand:

Do you fancy getting some extra Christmas presents this year? All you have to do is wander around looking for CourierPost’s card-to-call cards – you’ll find them slipped half under doormats in the rain rather than in the mail box right next to it – and then all you have to do is call 0800 COURIER, give them the tracking number, redirect it to your own address and you’re good to go.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to sign for it. Just don’t expect it the next day.

Merry Christmas!

P.S. Last time I courried something to my work address: Name, Company Name, Old Weekly Press Building, 107 Cashel Street. I finally tracked it down at The Press, Worcester Street. It had been signed for and everything. Thanks CourierPost.


  • Alan Mamet

    Courier Post failed to deliver from Solander Maritime, Nelson a frozen pack FK 005 806990 NZ job No. 169734 of various marine products despite labels instructing to “Keep Frozen”. The products,ordered and paid from U.S.A., were delivered late and unable to be eaten after many lies about non-delivery!!!

  • Alan Mamet

    Do not expect on time delivery from Courier Post

  • Paul

    Courier Post – Always a drama.
    Baby’s medication…..failed to deliver on time…..or the next agreed time…..kept on hold for an eternity…..still waiting…..absolutely useless.

    I’ve seen drivers fire “card to calls” into letter boxes without even checking to see if anyone is at home.

    Too busy, not enough drivers and as always, it is the small customer who takes it in the @ss. Cheers Courier Post. Happy New Year.

  • That’s not good! Especially with medication for your baby.

    Pretty much the same story again this year. Sent on a Thursday with ‘Saturday delivery’ specified. Nothing turned up and I was at home all day on Tuesday so rang up that morning and was told it would be there that afternoon. Refreshing Track & Trace over and over, suddenly it’s at ‘card-to-call status’ and I have to phone up to redirect it. No one came to my house and there’s no physical card anywhere to be found. So I redirect it for the next day and again it doesn’t show up. Finally I get a case manager onto it and it shows up on an urgent delivery the next day (7 days after it was sent).

    Yeah it’s a busy time of year but ffs you know it’s going to be busy so make arrangements to make sure everything can be dealt with as it should be – as it’s paid to be. It’s Christmas! It’s not like it’s a surprise event! It’s the same day every year!

  • Donna

    Courier Post: The service they provide is aweful and suggest too all those business who does use Courier Post to change to another company. Their contractors cannot be trusted as packages are not delivered to the correct addresses. Apparently they will deliver the packages where it would suit them rather than to the address the package should be delivered to!!! DO NOT USE COURIER POST! I have a bad experience and talking to my friends they also had bad experience and they WILL BE NEVER BE USING COURIER POST AGAIN..   

  • Onestopprintshop

    I have been made to pay for good that were left on my front door step by Courier Post to the value for several hundred dollars before my shop opened.
    to add  to this the case was done in the North Shore Courts and I live in Taranaki
    and Courier Post still keep leaving Parcels on the door step unsigned for.
    Colin Ansell
    One Stop Print Shop Ltd

  • kimmered

    I completely agree with thsi post about courier post.  It’s sooooo frustrating.  And their customer service is shocking!!! I wish there was another way to complain!

  • Mike

    My concern with them is the so called Track N Trace?
    This system should at least entail a 3 system progress check of,  Received notation a,  With Courier notation and FINALLY Delivered Notation.
    My item sent last week the only notation was “With Courier” that morning then the system was empty in the afternoon no evidence of the package whatsoever?

  • Ramandeep

    i sent my medical reports to immigration through courier post 0n 20 of August 2012 and still 25th of August it is not delivered and i called to courier post about 20 time but all time i got one response we are investigating ur parcel. it was very important documents and i spent money for this and that documents demanded by immigration as soon as possible. when i trace my parcel it only showing with courier I think courier post is not reliable.   

  • Onestopprintshop

    You just see how fast they move to hide under the carriage of goods act. section 19 is a good one that they use.

  • NZGirl

    Today I experienced the same type of service. Its been two days that my item has not been delivered. And I purchased an overnight package. I had urgent documents that needed to be sent out to the receiver urgently. The customer service is just horrible. Am not pleased, not at all happy.

  • Ant Corke

    Bloody awful service. CourierPost have ‘lost’expensive pieces of our equipment, without explanation, and their drivers often make no attempt to deliver. They stop at the end of the driveway, and post an ‘unavailable’ notice in the letterbox.


  • Anonymous

    I bought a laptop accessory on trademe and the seller paid courier post $6.50 for the item they sent me to arrive overnight (overnight delivery). The seller sent the item on Wednesday and it never arrived Thursday or Friday. I told the seller and courier post told them the item should have been delivered last Friday. What did courier post do?? They passed the item onto rural post with an extra 2-3 working days for delivery. My address is not a rural address at all. RURAL POST IS ONLY FOR ADDRESSES THAT ARE RURAL. Courier post won’t refund the $6.50 and now I paid $6.50 for delivery which has taken more than 2 working days. What should I do? Not happy with freakin courier post. Second time this has happened.

  • do not expect on time. i have been waiting over two days now for an overnight parcel. it’s just frustrating.

    and their apparent reasons are that they don’t have enough drivers, i fail to see how that is my problem.

  • Georgia

    Arrrgh! Courier post is the most aggravating company I have ever dealt with. The couriers REFUSE to use the intercom outside my building so therefore every time I have to go a 25min drive to pick up my package from the depot. Makes me wonder why I pay for delivery when I pick up?! Had a conversation with them this morning.. “oh yes looks like we couldn’t gain entry to the address” – “okay well did the driver try and use the intercom?” – “no it wouldn’t appear so” – “okay well that’ll be why he couldn’t gain entry, could I please organise redelivery for it?” – “no you’ll have to come get the package from the depot” – “okay I will be there in half an hour” get to the depot and the package has been “shelved” ?! .. meaning its no longer available for me to pick up as it is now waiting for a courier to pick it up and redeliver…? errrrr. vent over! NEVER USE COURIER POST!! I had a nice experience last week with TNT however.. fast, super friendly and used the intercom gladly!

  • Peter

    4 years later they are still pulling the same crap. Next day delivery from across city. extra for a saturday delivery. 2 packages. 1 they snuck in a with a bullshit we where not home note (we have been home all day!, since 5pm the previous day even) and the 2nd pakage they didnt even try to deliver. I wasted the entire day waiting for them. Courierpost you guys suck so bad!

  • katie

    Don’t use Courier Post and insist that any business you purchase from doesn’t use courier post either. They must get paid extra if they give the card to call as that seems to be their default option. I left a sign on the door and my phone number but ninja-like they dropped the card and I didn’t hear a thing! The driver’s name was Peter. Any one else had this incompetent person?

  • Alok

    Guys had a pathetic experience with Courier Post. Their sales rep clearly suggests not using their service for anything urgent/priority deliveries.

  • Kath

    I would like to say that I purchased the overnight courier post option on a Thursday.They did not deliver until the following Tuesday.When I rang to complain first the guy Umar said “o it needs to be a working day”.Well the Thursday I posted it and the Friday were both working days.The weekend of course is not.The Monday was a holiday.When I explained this to him, his next tactic was our delivery is 99% reliable.Then his next tactic was “We don’t guarantee that”.And so on and on.So don’t pay the extra for this service which really isn’t any service at all.grrrrr

  • Najeeb

    Hey guys, had a very terrible experience with courier post. They had to deliver to my house address, my wife’s passport from the immigration office and after 1 week of running around they now say they might have lost it and are asking me to reapply. This is absolutely terrifying. I’m new to New Zealand and I have no clue what options I have, I want to sue these people and make them pay for their mistake. Any suggestions about my options?

  • Virginia Moreno

    Same story, CourierPost lost 2 passports and 2 new visas when returning them from Immigration. We are travelling soon and therefore we had to travel urgently from Matakana to Wellington to apply for new passports at the Consulate. That costs us $500 which they will not cover… I’m in the process of claiming the passport and visas cost, hopefuly they will pay. Would not recommend CourierPost at all!!

  • Tony

    If you have suffered a lose, go to your local District Courthouse and ask about the Disputes Tribunal,. Only a small cost to you, no Lawyers involved, just you, them and an impartial referee. If they don’t show up you may get an order against them. And an order in the Disputes Tribunal is equivalent to an order in Civil Court and therefore enforceable.

  • Tony

    And here we are 6 years later and Courier Post are still garbage. Four parcels this week and not one was bought to the front door, as they were contracted to do. And it’s only Tuesday!
    Two trips into town, find a park, wait in a queue with all the other people picking up their parcels. The poor ladies at the counter dealing with all the anger.
    Add up your time, if buy a $20 item over the internet, by the time I have shagged around with CP , give up and go and pick it up myself, it’s cost 3 times as much.
    What a pathetic excuse for a courier company. Worst, most untrustworthy disrespectful courier company in New Zealand.
    If you get lots of parcels , do what I am doing, get a small remote video recorder and get proof of these lying bastards and their failure to complete their contractual obligations. Add up your costs, bill them and then take them to the Disputes Tribunal.

  • Big Mike

    Courier Post is terrible at their job in my experience too. I’ve had a 20% failure rate from them — 1 in 5 parcels don’t show. I’ve found Fast Way couriers in Auckland to be absolute legends though. Next time you order something from a seller, ask them to use FastWay since Courier Post routinely fails at their job. With enough customers putting this kind of pressure on venders, the market could eventually put Courier Post out of business.

  • Big Mike

    Never trust a courier with medication! To them all packages are equal — in Courier Post’s case they’re all ignored equally.

  • Jartin

    I am in the throes of a Courierpost debacle as we speak..Was expecting paid for parcel for Whangarei today..(I live about 45 mins away but was already there yesterday so agree to let shop use courier)
    Hasn’t arrived…and pretty much no one at this stage knows where it is and why I don’t have it. People I called can’t get hold of whoever is supposed to find out about these things. I was promised calls back but never happened. So this is a $1300 cell phone and is somewhere. Not here though.
    But if thinking of using NZ Couriers instead..don’t. They are as bad. I had two vets parcels sent from Wellsford vet to me at Maungaturoto using them. One arrived seven days later and the other arrived eleven days later. I think neither would have arrived at all with furious butt kicking..
    Shocking state of affairs really it seems for these two companies..

  • Jartin

    To add to this have now had a call. They don’t think is lost..just needs to be found! At least they called finally.

  • According to the call centre, someone called Shirley (in P.N. depot) failed her job, and seemingly left early on Friday aft. without concern for customers waiting for her to act. She’s not contactable and no one can cover for her, nor explain her incompetence.

  • SSFC


  • SSFC

    Should have picked it up yourself

  • SSFC

    Hahahaha @ Fastway

  • Julie

    I’ve had multiple cases with them also. The latest two:

    the “less” terrible: Ordered an item from Mighty Ape (birthday present). I put clear instructions on it (we don’t have a driveway- live in a second unit up, “driveway” goes up into carport and then there is a path from there to the front door), so I say “second red door up from the road” (on the back of the house is a green door which is laundry- a courier delivering my passport left a card in there- took three days to discover it). Anyway, had an email update from M.A. that my item was delivered… I was home all day (I work from home), so I went looking for it. Went around my front door, my kitchen door, then around my neighbour’s door. To the laundry… In the end I found it in my neighbour’s carport on top of her RECYLCING BIN. A cardboard box on a reclycling bin… Contacted C.P. No apology

    Second, more recent- ordered an item on trademe. I had my morning coffee- sitting outside as it was sunny- literally a metre to the left of my front door. Later I went down the road, so I checked my mailbox. Found a card to call- time on it was smackbang in the middle of the time I was sitting outside (I was on phone with a friend, checked the call time). No courier came up. Saw the hill to my door and decided he couldn’t be fucked.

    So I left feedback with my contact and set a day for redelivery- day that boht my sister (who lives with me) would be home. Nothing came. I also called up and complained about card to call left while I was at home. Asked to be called back about it. No call. No apology. Oh, and the courier didn’t come on the day that redelivery was arranged. Nor the next day. Three days later. After two days of not going out for the fear of missing him.

    Worst service. Our courier options in NZ are pathetic. Why are we paying them?

  • Susy

    I’m still waiting for a parcel that I paid overnight delivery for 4 days ago. Funny thing is that it is a GPS watch so I can track it’s progress myself. It actually arrived in Hawkes Bay 2 days ago & hasn’t moved since. It has been 10 miunutes down the road for for the last 2 days and still they haven’t delivered it. Don’t even get me started on trying to fix this by phoning them. Disgraceful service by courier post and can’t understand how they can charge for express service and then not deliver.

  • Krystelle-rayne Morrison

    My stuff keeps getting put into undeliverable, which they don’t inform me of, because I live at an 11a and they see there is an 11b and decide it will be impossible to tell which clearly numbered house I live at.

  • Brian Kennett

    Had a Parcel sent Courier Post on Tuesday, got a CTC Card Wednesday Morning. Rang Courier Post to ask why Parcel was not delivered when delivery instructions included “May be left in Unlocked Letter Box” as I was tracking Parcel. Was told an inquiry had been launched. Then got call from customer services telling me it would be redelivered Wednesday Afternoon. Rang again Thursday 7.30am – Now Thursday 9.33am & Tracking Information still shows “Awaiting Collection” When are NZ Post & their Subsidiaries going to get it right, despite their Advertising??

  • Brian Kennett

    I could crawl on hands & knees to pick up parcels faster than they can deliver.

  • Peter Tamale-Ofa

    I’m not happy with Courier Posts performance. it’s appalling! lack of communication also has a big role in this & the use of not using pair of eyes properly!! I sent a courier package from Auckland to Wellington for my son’s birthday present only to find out the next day that the dumb driver delivered it to the wrong address. NOW my son’s left with nothing because of you people & the way you all run your service. will not be in a hurry to go back with your services again. huge dissapointment