A New Blog and How Google is Screwing Things Up

A New Blog and How Google is Screwing Things Up

I’ve recently put together a new WordPress website that is dedicated to New Zealand blogs (www.nzblogs.co.nz), with an extra splash of international blogs if they’re funny, unique or interesting enough.

As a blog writer in New Zealand, I’ve found it tough to compete against large international blogs and websites in Google search results. And Google hasn’t exactly been helping. They’ve been making a few large changes recently that I haven’t always agreed with. In fact, I’ll say it, Google have been pissing me off recently. That’s right. You heard me Google! In fact that’s it, you’re getting your own heading.

Google, Stop Pissing About with Search Results

Like, Google search is all about searching the Internet. If I wanted to search for places, I’d hit the ‘Places’ option. If I wanted to search for videos and images, I’d hit those links. Where is the damn option to search ‘the web’ and ‘the web’ only? And another thing – it used to be that you could Google a company name and see that company’s website followed by a load of interesting websites that have reviews and other feedback about that company written by real people that want to share their stories. Now, if you search for say ‘new zealand automobile association‘ for example, of the 10 results that appear on the first page, the first 7 are all for aa.co.nz, the 8th and 9th are for subsidiaries of the AA and the 10th is a Wikipedia entry about the AA.

FFS Google! Don’t give me every damn page on their website! Return that website ONCE at the top and I’ll click on it if that’s what I want. Otherwise, I might be interested in what people are saying about the AA.

A better example would be a popular restaurant. In the past, you could search for that restaurant and you’d see the restaurant’s website followed by a bunch of blog posts and articles by restaurant critics that have eaten there. Perfect result! Now, you’d get a whole heap of individual results for that same website. Give me a break. Do Google really think that the subject website is so bad that if you were to visit it you wouldn’t be able to navigate through it’s pages by using its own menu??

Google is a search tool for finding websites. It is not a tool for navigating websites.

Oh and another thing, with all the information that Google has about me, Google.co.nz has still decided I live in Auckland (it’s Christchurch but I can’t be bothered changing it) and even with ‘Auckland Central’ glaring at me, I start to type in ‘best shop’ in the search box and not only does Google suggest ‘best shopping in milan’ but Google Instant actually even goes ahead and displays the results for shopping in milan! Before I’ve even clicked on the suggestion? WTF? Way to screw over New Zealand, Google!

I digress

So yeah … what was I saying? Oh right I’ve got a new blogging website. I’ve set this website up to provide a bit of search engine optimisation assistance to the honest New Zealand blogger. Without blogs, large corporations would get away with delivering crap service and shoddy products. You can find out more about what I’m talking about on the About page of the new website.

I hope to use the search engine optimisation knowledge that I have to actively promote the blogs of my fellow New Zealanders with quality reviews and links to their own blogs on terms that I assume they would be keen to rank for. Take a look at the Personal Blogs that I’ve already reviewed as an example.

Obviously in doing this, I would only want to rank quality blogs and for that reason, yes, I will be passing judgement! But then again, that means I’ll only focus on blogs that I think are half decent. I’ll write an honest review of what they are like and won’t be taking bribes. All I’d be keen on receiving back is a blog post on their site about either this one (www.nzraw.co.nz) or NZ Blogs (www.nzblogs.co.nz) to help spread the love! Although that certainly won’t be a requirement for me writing reviews.

PS. This was almost the only blog post I’ve ever written without an image. Almost.


  • Thank you Rhys. Great to hear from someone at Internet New Zealand. Yeah the change of removing the “Pages from New Zealand” radio button on google.co.nz really took a step backwards in my eyes.

    I’ve spoken with friends – educated and professional but don’t spend their whole days searching online – and they said “I just add ‘NZ’ to the end of my search terms now since Google removed the option to search pages from New Zealand”.

    When I said “So you haven’t noticed that the NZ pages option is in the links on the left?”, they said “What? Nope, haven’t seen that!”

    In another incident recently, Google launched their new book service with an example on the home page to show you how it works. That example didn’t actually work. A friend contacted a representative from Google who said “Ah yes … it turns out that the example book is not licensed for New Zealand viewers so it was failing to display”. Great work!

  • I actually also brought this up when the first change took place as, slightly more controversially, Google seriously affected the New Zealand porn industry for a while! Basically returning appropriate results on a search of the web but only news stories in a search of pages from New Zealand:

    New Zealand Porn Industry Screwed by Google