SOCOM Sniper Video (and YouTube Widescreen Settings)

SOCOM Sniper Video (and YouTube Widescreen Settings)

In the past I was never really into sniping on SOCOM. Being far from the action, you always ended up being the last one alive. So then you have to switch to your handgun and run out to the objective while your team mate’s get frustrated with you from beyond the grave.

But with the new patch, the sniper rifles are a lot more usable. See the video below for my sniper montage (and there’s an outtakes section at the end to show my screw-ups!).

The Merc’s new M82A1A was far too impressive looking to pass by. This thing’s about as long as your character is tall. And, for the first time in SOCOM: Confrontation, the damage scale is maximum for this weapon. It never did really make sense that none of the weapons went up to the top of the scale before the patch. Kinda made you think that the scale need rescaling.

Anyway, I suddenly found out that I’m half decent with the sniper rifle. And if you do have to leave the safety of your bush 300 metres from the action, you can still do a fair bit of damage by no-scoping.

Speaking of which, the M82A1A seems to have made the shotguns redundant. Shotguns were also something I never got into. I hated them in fact. But if you look closely at the video you can see that the first shot I fire produces a shot-cloud that look like up to 5 points of ‘shot’ … like a shotgun.

For the commandos, I started using the new SR-25 but realised pretty quickly that it’s a two-shot kill. Even though the SR-25 is silenced, I ended up having a lot more fun with the pre-patch M87ELR.

YouTube Settings:

In making this video, I learnt that there are some extra tags/keywords you can put into YouTube to change the aspect ratio and size of the video. Note that these will only work to their full effect if you actual create your video in 16:9 aspect ratio in the first place.

So now there’s a new button above the video to change the display size.

Check here for some information about optimising your YouTube video and check out the video below to learn about the new tags: