How To Get Free Playstation Demo Codes

How To Get Free Playstation Demo Codes

Today we got an e-mail from Playstation with an exclusive free download code for the God of War 3 demo. I spoke to some mates and they said they hadn’t received any e-mails from Playstation since opening their PSN account.

Not getting any promo codes yourself? Here’s what you need to do to get beautifully crafted promo e-mails:

First off, obviously, you need to have an online PSN (Playstation Network) account which makes up your Playstation ID. This is what you use to sign into your PS3 each time you switch it on.

Next, head to and sign in using the email address associated with your PSN account and your password.

Now click on the ‘My Account’ tab. On that screen, scroll down to the ‘Stay in Touch’ box.

Click on the red text “to receive these updates and offers …” and you’ll be taken to yet another sign-in screen. From there you should see your Playstation Account Management screen.

Click on the “Notification Preferences option” and check the following box on that screen.

Click ‘continue’ and you’re done! You may not get a confirmation e-mail straight away but you should get the next Playstation newsletter once it comes out. They’re good-looking e-mails and are handy to keep you informed of new games and new items in the store. If you want to hear from Sony Computer Entertainment’s partners then by all means tick that box too – you can always unsubscribe later.

Plus, of course, you’ll start getting download codes to enter into the Playstation Store. These PS3 codes will be available to you before they become publicly accessible from the store. Beat your mates to it and get in some proper gloating time!

Have fun. Leave a comment if you need help.

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    Seems like lots of playstation 3 fans here, I am a fan also and enjoy to play video games… my girl says I play way too much, but man it’s so amusing. I’ve been playing modern warfare and uncharted 2 for weeks and can’t stop! What would you guys recommend? Anyhow, looks like a sweet blog, is this blog engine? I’ve made a couple pages myself and it’s not easy. Thanks for taking time to post this up.