Borderlands First Impressions

Borderlands First Impressions

As my local DVD/Game rental store had run out of MW2 copies, I figured I’d finally give Borderlands a go. I’d heard a lot of positive feedback from clan mates and so was keen to check it out.

While I was downloading the latest (frikkin’) PS3 system update I set up a single player game and got stuck in.

The intro video was pretty smart and was a mix of the old PC game, Full Throttle, and one of the Mad Max movies but filmed in the same cartoon style of A Scanner Darkly.

The intro video comes to a close as you choose one of the four characters to play as. Being the cool, calculated killer that I am, I chose to play as the skinny sniper guy with the funny attack pigeon.

The game begins and after a very short time you realise how similar it is in structure to the Fallout series. You move from outpost to outpost, killing mutant bandits and completing small missions for people that you meet.

First impressions of the weapons and aiming system was that they suck! Seeing my first target in the distance, I pulled up my sniper scope (which is fixed – no zooming in and out) and pulled the trigger.

After a few misses, I discovered that it’s quite tough to aim at a guy who’s moving across your field of vision. The only way I can describe it is ‘lag’ but without the online connection! I swore I was zero’d in on the guy’s chest and missed on a fair few occasions.

When I actually got a shot, I did bugger-all damage to the guy. So much for my sniper rifle. Plus now that I had the guy’s attention, just like for any other enemy in this game, the guy just runs at you shooting.

It didn’t take me long to find a shotgun but I was even more disappointed with that. I could have done more damage if I’d swung the weapon around my head and hit the guy in the face with it.

I’ve been reliably informed by clan mates that the early weapons are designed to be very weak to make the later weapons even more impressive, and that I’ll be impressed once I get further into the game.

For me, that’s going to take a bit of patience. I’m not really one for these RPG games where you have to open up every bloody box you find and lift every toilet lid (seriously) to find cash, ammo and randomly useless objects.

However, I’m enjoying the graphic-comic style graphics and artwork I’ve seen of wicked vehicles and impressive weapons is enough to make me play on. Plus by now, my update should have installed so I can try out the game online at last!

I’ll update these thoughts once I’ve got further into the game.