List of Buildings to be Demolished in Christchurch

List of Buildings to be Demolished in Christchurch

128 buildings are to be demolished in Christchurch’s city centre following the 22nd February earthquake. 128. It’s just a number.

But when you start putting names to the businesses that were in those buildings, suddenly the extent of the damage becomes very real.

A Damaged Christchurch Clinic to be Demolished

These are the building that will be either demolished (or have already been demolished), will be partially demolished or will need extensive work to make them safe.

The table from shows their address, the name of the business or building, the extent of the damage and whether or not the building is listed as a heritage building.

Unlike the official list, I’ve sorted these by street name to make them easier to locate:

Number Street Building/Company Name Situation Heritage
245 Armagh Hairdresser Demolish N
247 Armagh Laundrette Demolish N
249 Armagh Dairy Demolish N
249 Armagh Dairy Partial N
359 Barbadoes Demolish
136 Barbadoes Cathedral of Blessed Sacrement Partial Y
69A Beachville Demolish N
21 Bealey Carlton Hotel Partial Y
18 Bedford Demolish N
14 Bedford Park Lane Handbags Demolish N
83 Byron Demolish N
35 Cambridge Rolleston Courts Apts CRITICAL N
41 Cambridge Cambridge Apartments Demolish N
161 Cashel Grand Chancellor Hotel CRITICAL Critical
236 Cashel St Paul’s Church demolish Y
274 Cashel The Provincial Demolish Y
282 Cashel Coffee Cashel demolish
87-89 Cashel 3 Wise Men Demolish N
173 Cashel Kebab Masters – Highlight House Partial Y
280 Cashel The Complete Angler Partial N
314 Cashel Partial N
32 Cathedral The Press Building Demolish Y
112 Centaurus Demolish Y
116 Centaurus Demolish Y
2 Chester Stratham House – Cathedral Grammar Demolish Y
117 Chester Demolish N
382 Colombo The Great Opportunity Shop & Dairy Demolish N
398 Colombo Sydenham Stationary Demolish Y
400 Colombo Demolish Y
402 Colombo Demolish Y
404 Colombo Ascot TV Demolish Y
406 Colombo Ascot TV Demolish Y
441 Colombo Demolish N
452 Colombo Demolish N
534 Colombo Smith City Carpark Demolish N
562 Colombo Thai Food Fish & Chips, Starfish Swimwear Demolish N
595 Colombo The Lotus Heart Demolish N
597 Colombo Grandharna Loka Demolish N
599 Colombo Sushi Dining Demolish N
603 Colombo Austral Building Demolish Y
605 Colombo Internet Cafe / Satay No Demolish Y
615 Colombo Austral Building Demolish Y
626 Colombo Bean Bags / Montgomery Building Demolish Y
803 Colombo The Painted Room Demolish N
819 Colombo Phu Thai Demolish N
854 Colombo Chesterfield Preschools Ltd or Wharetiki Demolish Y
384-384A Colombo Fish’n’Chips & Eve’s Gifts Demolish N
593a Colombo Southern Ink Demolish N
595a Colombo Japanese Food Demolish N
597a Colombo Longthorn Leather Shop Demolish N
601-601A Colombo Pleasure Plus Demolish N
625-629 Colombo Sucklings Demolish Y
635-637 Colombo Snowgum Demolish N
753-759 Colombo 2-storey commercial Demolish Y
380 Colombo Tasty Tucker Bakery Make Safe N
429 Colombo Selwyn Traders Make Safe N
484 Colombo Make Safe N
448 Colombo Partial N
592 Colombo Dick Smith Partial N
800 Colombo Sala Thai Partial N
01/01/92 Colombo Modern Engravers Partial N
01/02/92 Colombo Speedway Bookshop Partial N
811-815 Colombo Cafe Valentino Partial N
1 Cracroft Demolish N
183 Durham Demolish N
207 Durham Kodak Photo Warehouse Demolish N
299 Durham Contours Demolish N
373 Durham Laycocks Collision Repair Demolish N
423 Durham Demolish N
435 Durham Turret House Demolish Y
243 Durham St Michaels & All Angels Make Safe Y
183 Durham Partial N
197 Durham Brown Brothers Eng Partial N
211 Durham Avon Bridal Partial N
6 Eversleigh Hadleigh Demolish Y
227 Fitzgerald Partial Y
229 Fitzgerald Partial
194 Gloucester Wave House (Old Winnie Bagoes) Demolish Y
198 Gloucester Partial
141 Hereford Community House CRITICAL CRITICAL
190-192 Hereford Kenton Chambers CRITICAL Y
84 Hereford Mythai (former NZ Trust and Loan Building) Demolish Y
167 Hereford Mike Pero House Demolish N
169 Hereford Mike Pero House Demolish N
198 Hereford Fisher and Assoc Demolish Y
202 Hereford Avon House Demolish Y
198 Hereford Partial Y
178 High Burgers & Beers Partial N
211 High Storm Partial Y
211-213 High Excelsion Hotel Bottle Shop Partial Y
39 Kahu Radio Shack Partial Y
132 Kilmore Thrifty Car Rental Demolish
135 Kilmore Caledonian Hall Demolish Y
137 Kilmore Medlab Demolish N
222 Kilmore The Herbal Dispensary Demolish N
228 Kilmore Cupcake Parlour Demolish Y
231 Kilmore Cookie Time Demolish N
245 Kilmore Demolish N
255 Kilmore Octo Ltd Demolish N
261 Kilmore Demolish N
146 Kilmore Repertory Theatre Partial Y
226 Kilmore Cupcake Parlour NOT ADDRESS Partial Y
116 Lichfield Ruben Blades Demolish Y
152 Lichfield For Lease & “The Swank” Demolish N
165 Lichfield C4 Coffee Demolish N
111 – 113 Lichfield Former Park Lane Handbags Demolish Y
114 Lichfield Honey Pot Cafe Partial Y
140 – 142 Lichfield Mayfair Building Partial Y Grp 4
32 Linwood Linwood House Demolish Y
228 Linwood Cartridge World Demolish N
230 Linwood lefthandpath tatoos Demolish N
234 Linwood Dairy Demolish N
236 Linwood Fish and Chips Demolish N
238 Linwood Demolish N
228A Linwood Canterbury Cutz Demolish N
230A Linwood Your Shout Demolish N
271 Madras Harcourts Grenadier CRITICAL N
281 Madras Community Law Canterbury Demolish N
253 – 255 Madras Arrow international Partial N
288 Main Demolish N
68 Manchester Units A and B Demolish Y
76 Manchester Demolish Y
83 Manchester Groovey Glasses Demolish N
85 Manchester Tru Grit Demolish N
117 Manchester Demolish n
149 Manchester Nuttals Building Demolish Y
198 Manchester Former Civic Buildings Demolish Y
221 Manchester Key Cutting/Shoe Repair Demolish N
293 Manchester Subway Demolish N
141 – 147 Manchester Demolish N
141a Manchester Demolish N
69-73 Manchester Cecil House Demolish Y
105 Manchester H Pannells Partial Y
107 Manchester Budapest Restaurant Partial Y
109 Manchester John Dary Menswear Partial Y
120 Manchester Excelsior Hotel Partial Y
173 Manchester Highlight House Partial
24 Marriner Rockvilla, dwelling Demolish Y
374 Montreal Demolish
17 Norwich Forbes Building Demolish Y
54 Oxford Adventure Travel Demolish N
402 Oxford Demolish Y
196 Papanui Villa Antiques Demolish N
196A Papanui Love in a Basket Demolish N
198A Papanui Demolish N
202A Papanui Mansfield Antiques & Momo Sushi Demolish N
204 Papanui Kudos hairdrssers Partial N
33 Rolleston Christs College Demolish N
146-152 Somerfield Samsons Garage Demolish N
72 St Asaph Body Works Demolish N
248 St Asaph Affordable Car Rentals Demolish N
263 St Asaph Mckenzie and Willis Demolish N
270 St Asaph Southlander Bar Demolish N
01/01/04 St Asaph P & D Duncan Ltd Make Safe Y
01/02/04 St Asaph P & D Duncan Ltd Make Safe Y
01/03/04 St Asaph P & D Duncan Ltd Make Safe Y
01/04/04 St Asaph P & D Duncan Ltd Make Safe Y
01/04/10 St Asaph P & D Duncan Ltd Make Safe Y
01/05/04 St Asaph P & D Duncan Ltd Make Safe Y
01/06/04 St Asaph P & D Duncan Ltd Make Safe Y
01/07/04 St Asaph P & D Duncan Ltd Make Safe Y
108 Stanmore Demolish N
180 Tuam Fuller Brothers Demolish Y
217 Tuam Atami Bath House Demolish N
221 Tuam Portobello Demolish N
230 Tuam Edison Hall (Workshop, Witchery) Demolish Y
230 Tuam Demolish
232 Tuam Domo and Witchery Demolish Y
236 Tuam Domo Demolish Y
223 Tuam Global Fabric Partial N
50 Victoria NZ College of Early Childhood Education CRITICAL N
148 Victoria BDO Spicer House CRITICAL CRITICAL
183 Victoria Saggio De Vino Demolish N
83 Victoria Solo Design Store Partial N
185 Victoria Mop Organics Partial N
14 Wise Addington Flour Mil-Grain Store Demolish Y
105 Worcester Metro Demolish N
121 Worcester Mayfair Building Demolish Y
123 Worcester Intercity & Newmans Coachlines Demolish N
127 Worcester Pills for Thrills Demolish N
143 Worcester Lonsdale House – Gopals + Pedros Demolish Y
281 Worcester Demolish N

Many of these businesses will mean something to the people of Christchurch. I was particularly¬†saddened¬†to see names such as the Press Building, the former Civic buildings, C4 Coffee, Mckenzie and Willis … actually forget that, every building on the list is a sad story.

Update: Looks like Diamond Harbour’s Godley House is also to be demolished according to this article on the Christchurch City Council website. Sucks. I used to love heading out that way on my friend’s motorbike on a sunny day. Good times.

You can view the official list and find links to download it in spreadsheet format or view a full map of the buildings on the Canterbury Earthquake website.

  • Robyn

    Is Demolition of these places paid for by the council?

  • By the government’s EQC fund I would imagine.

  • At quick glance I see some of these were actually demolished after the sept quake.

  • Oh really? I hadn’t realised this list was basically all of the buildings since the original September quake. I guess that makes sense.

    It’s not really clear where the boundary stops for this list as well – there are probably plenty of buildings outside of the cordon which are to be demolished as well.

    There’s a quick mention of a business on Stanmore Road but no mention of businesses in New Brighton for example.

  • you made it so much easier to see it street by street … tks 4 that

  • Thanks, yeah I’m not really sure what (if) it was ordered by originally! I think there are a couple of errors in the original list as well – like the ‘Heritage’ field is filled with ‘critical’ for some when it should just be ‘Y’ or ‘N’. Go figure.

    My thinking is that there are a lot of temporary fill-in staff that have been brought into these roles because so much work is required so they’re possibly rushing things a wee bit.

  • Memories !!!!

    Oh no, not the Atami !!!!!! How terribly sad………………

  • Robert

    Mark, Interesting if depressing list. Thks 4 putting it together. I’m doing a little bit of personal research on whether or not there is any correlation between building usage & amount of destroyed/damages right across the greater CHCH area, as well as type of construction/amount of stregthening done. Do U know of any other lists/relevant info. which is publically available?

  • Hi Robert. This list is starting to get a little dated and there have been lots more buildings added to the demolition list. Try this link: