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So I was just typing in the Twitter URL to sign into my massively influential Twitter account (as said by 3% of my 33 followers in a recent survey that I didn’t really complete) and then suddenly I thought to myself “Hey … I wonder if anyone has ever typed in by mistake?

And what do ya know! exists! Check out these screenshots below.

Twatter. You just don't get better than this.

Twatter. You just don't get better than this.

Twatter is not a social network. It is an ANTI-social network. A stroke of genius by Twatter’s creators.

Similar to Twitter, you sign up as a Twat and start writing your Twatter updates. Other twats follow you and you build up your network.

Register to be a Twat on Twatter

Register to be a Twat on Twatter

This really does appeal to my sense of humour (sorry mum). I hope they do well!

Even their terms of service are humourous. Instead of creating their own, they’ve basically just copied the terms of service from WordPress and changed a few words. But at least they don’t hide from the fact:

Originally published by Automattic, Inc. as the Terms of Service and made available by them under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. Modifications to remove reference to “VIP services”, rename “blog” to “notice stream”, remove the choice-of-venue clause, and add variables specific to instances of this software made by Control Yourself, Inc. and made available under the terms of the same license.

One word. Genius.

Good luck to you Twatter.

P.S. You can now find NZ:RAW at AND just don’t tell our mum.