A St. Patrick’s Day Joke

A St. Patrick’s Day Joke

It’s all been a bit heavy on this website recently with stories of carnage and destruction so here’s something a bit more light-hearted for St. Patrick’s Day.

An Englishman, a Scottish man (why is that not one word?) and an Irishman are all on a runway trying to smuggle themselves aboard an Air New Zealand plane for a free flight. They find some sacks and decide to each hide inside one next to the luggage that’s about to be loaded onto the plane.

St Patrick's Day

A worker comes along, sees the Englishman’s sack and gives it a kick. Thinking quickly, the Englishman yells “cluck cluck!” and the guy thinks “Oh it’s chickens” and loads it onto the plane. He then gives the Scot’s bag a kick. The Scot yells “oink oink!” and the guy thinks “Oh it’s pigs” and loads it on the plane. He then give’s the Irishman’s sack a kick and the Irishman yells “potatoes!”.

Happy St. Patricks’ Day!

Flickr Photo by ‘Joe Shlabotnik’

  • Claire

    It’s Scotsman for a one-word description. Just thought you might like to know, in case it was keeping you up at night. :o)