3 Steps to Dowloading Playstation Updates via PC

Don’t we all just love Playstation system updates? You rush home, jump on the PS3 to start your game and then you have to wait an ice age for some ESSENTIAL new update to install. And what does the update do? It changes the layout of your photo gallery.

If you’re like me, your Playstation 3 will download updates a lot slower than your PC connection. But did you know you can download the update straight to your PC and then install it to your PS3 via USB flash drive?

Here’s a 3 step guide to downloading the latest Playstation 3 update via your PC and installing it to your PS3.

1. Jump on your PC and put this link in your browser:


2. You should see a load of text on a white background. Scan through it until you find a link that should read something like:


3. Copy that link into your browser and the download of the latest update should start.

Once it’s downloaded, grab your USB flash drive, create a folder on the root directory called “PS3” then a folder inside that one called “UPDATE” so you should have something like:


Next, copy your newly downloaded “PS3UPDAT.PUP” file to the folder you’ve just created. Stick the USB stick in your PS3, head to the System menu and select “System Update”. When given the option, select “Install by USB” and you’re done!

Let’s hope that Sony switch to optional updates in future. Some of us really don’t care if our photos are laid out horizontally or vertically and just want to play games!

  • This is old old old news. I only ever do it this way. Patience I do not possess. Anyways if you want to know what you will be blogging about in 3 weeks i already know all about it. LOL PWND!

  • Haha thanks for your insightful and entertaining comment there Blunts!

    For everyone else, Blunts is a fellow clan mate of mine and is being cheeky as he knows I can whoop his ass in any game he chooses ;)

    Oh yeah, that’s right Blunt. You heard!

  • Oh this is a challenge is see.

    It is ON!