WordPress Competition Winner!

WordPress Competition Winner!

Just incase you didn’t know, this whole blog is written by me but provided by the fantastic company, WordPress. WordPress provide an easy facility for creating your own blogs. Check them out at www.wordpress.com.

Right now, there’s a competition going on for the creative use of a WordPress logo, hence my picture above!

Happy blog writing.

WordPress Logo Competition

UPDATE: I won most votes for my section/league/thing! I got an e-mail from a chap at WordPress USA who gave me a choice of prizes. I am now the proud owner of a WordPress Hoodie and a WordPress skin for an iPhone. Now I just have to win an iPhone!


As you may have noticed, I have had to censor the above image. This was of a certain famous landmark in America but with the ‘W’ swapped for the WordPress logo for the ‘Creative use of a WordPress Logo’ competition.

Sadly, there are some pathetic Americans in this world that actually believe that by posting this image, it somehow suggests that I am claiming that I own the Hollywood sign. Seriously. Someone saw the image above and contacted a trademark infringement company to let them know I was a naughty boy. I know right? You thought I owned Hollywood as well? Nope, sorry to disappoint you.

I would love to say that I ‘fought the power’ and ignored this request but in the end, this blog isn’t a revenue generator for me and I wouldn’t have the funds to stick it to these guys so instead I’ll bite my tongue and censor the image.

Just to keep them happy and to help inform the imbeciles of this world, I would like to officially say:

  1. I do not have anything to do with the company that owns the rights to the Hollywood sign.
  2. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in no way endorsed the image that previously featured above.
  3. I do not own Hollywood or the Hollywood sign.
  4. I have posted a photo of Christchurch in another blog post. I do not own Christchurch.
  5. I posted a photo of a donkey in another blog post. I do not own that donkey.

Thanks so much for your time. Honestly, if there are any righteous Americans reading any of my other blog post, please do feel free to report me to whoever you like.

Incidentally, to show there are no hard feelings, I’d like to help the people responsible for controlling use of the Hollywood sign. I’ve just carried out a search for ‘Hollywood sign’ on Flickr.com and have found 43,187 results. Have fun.

And to that woman in America who recently sued Google Maps for giving her directions that included a stretch of highway even though she was on foot, good on you. You go girl. Fight the good fight.

In other, completely unrelated news, I came across an old blog post of mine the other day that featured a message to America by John Cleese. Funny stuff.

  • ebradbury

    Nice! What a classic! What did you use for your graphics editing? Photoshop?

    Check out my entry – http://logicbomblabs.wordpress.com/2009/10/17/fighting-crime-one-post-at-a-time/

  • Congrats on being a finalist! I put in four entries, but none were chosen. Good luck!
    P.S. – I voted for you.

  • Hey, I’m coming from the WP.com news to say congrrrats! You made it to the final round!
    I voted your entry by the way… I think it’s grrrand!

  • I am ready to go

  • dkslate

    A very good idea. I voted for it. Good job!

  • Thanks for all your comments! I’m chuffed to have made it to the finalists.

    Ebradbury – I just used GIMP to edit it (the free one lol) http://www.gimp.org. I love your fighting crime pic. Top idea.

    Softwhiteunderbelly – I like your Obama WordPress pic too! It’s pretty interesting to see what everyone’s come up with.

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  • now that’s sweet. I’m loving this one out of the two i had to choose.

    not only cute, but this has a great creativity about itself.

    good job!!

  • ebradbury

    Hah, I used GIMP to make mine too. I had a blast doing it. I’m usually no good at graphics editing but this one turned out pretty decent.

  • Thanks Sylvia. And yeah ebradbury, you’d never know you weren’t good at graphics editing from your pic. Top work.

  • Very cool this logo!!!!


  • Thanks for the luck, and ditto to you, although it appears that you don’t seem to need it. :]

    I agree completely with the categorization. They might as well have labeled us “Wiscellaneous”

  • hahaha that actually would have been a cool catergory!

  • Looks great! Very well done! The team at StuffRichPeopleLove.com commends your creativity and the great Photoshop work! Good luck!

  • Haha thanks very much! I’m honored to be recognised by the stuff rich people love! ;) I love your blog. Quality idea.

  • cley123

    Cool, the best pic

  • Cool :)

  • Interesting idea.

  • Craig Chereek

    I live within easy walking distance of the Original. Like what you did very much. You know a fella with a few resources could very easily bag the W with a WordPress logo, if one was so inclined… Also, HollyWoRd is an easy stretch, as well. College pranksters have played around with the Hollywood sign for years (CalTech? UCLA? not quite certain, may be both) Congrats!

  • Haha thanks for your comment Craig. Great to hear from someone who actually lives near the sign! It must be quite impressive to see it nearly every day. So I take it you can actually walk right up to it? I would have thought they’d put heaps of security cameras etc. up there!

  • todos são bonitos mas este é o sonho americano

  • Obrigado pelo seu comentário!

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