Supporting New Zealand from Overseas

Supporting New Zealand from Overseas

New Zealand he been making headlines overseas and is now firmly on the map and in the hearts and minds of millions of people from all around the world.

A great friend of mine by the name of Chris Flack, like many New Zealanders, moved to the UK on his big OE and hasn’t quite got round to moving back yet. He’s been taking London by storm and is a fantastic diplomat, representing everything great that there is about New Zealand.

Me and Chris

He moved to the UK to carry on his design career shortly after he appeared on Close Up and in other media reports for his ‘Comfort Zone Challenge’ – a New Year’s resolution whereby Chris attempted to do two things each week that were outside of his comfort zone. You can see the TV1 interview here.

In the UK, Chris’ antics happily continued to thrive. Chris soon appeared on the TV show, ‘Dinner Date’ where Chris (New Zealand Cleo’s bachelor of the year by the way) attempted to win a date with an attractive gal by cooking a meal for his potential date in his own home. Competing against a model and a fitness instructor, our Kiwi friend was sadly overlooked. Her loss.

Chris Flack, Kiwi Warrior

Chris’ latest feat came about due to the 22nd February aftershock that brought much of Christchurch to the ground. Chris hooked up with the Red Cross for Red Cross Week and was the star of this awesome video (yes, I know he says his name is Brian):

At the same time, Chris, in true ‘Chris’ fashion, took the bull by horns and set up an expedition to climb Kilimanjaro with all money raised to be donated to the Red Cross Earthquake fund here in New Zealand. What a trooper.

He’s currently looking for like-minded people to join the expedition (it’s to take place in August 2011) as well as, of course, donations for the cause.

You can find out more about the expedition and support Christ and the team on the Kilimanjaro Hike website.

Good luck Chris.