New Zealand Raw

New Zealand Raw

First off, I’ll admit that this is going to be quite a biased overview seeing as I’m actually the owner and writer of the NZ Raw blog. But I figured I’d dedicate it a bit of space to it on here as a) It’s a New Zealand blog and b) it’s my baby.

NZ Raw is a New Zealand news blog written by an witty chap called Mark Lincoln who likes writing, photography and the outdoors and worries that he talks about himself in the third person too much.

What you’ll find on the blog

The blog was originally created as an avenue for the author to rant about poor customer service, give kudos to quality companies and great websites, and create the odd humourous post mixed in with some New Zealand photography and videos.

Recently, the blog became quite popular following the Christchurch earthquake as after frantically running off to a relative’s place that actually had power following the earthquake, the author quickly put up a blog post of his experiences and some quick photos. The following posts aimed to provide some further updates and Christchurch earthquake news. Later, someone complained in a comment that there was too much doom and gloom so the author made a video of his dog instead.

Earthquake Damage News

One of the author’s longer and more serious posts focused on the use of religious phrases on New Zealand army weapons and took a bit of a stab at the famous (infamous?) author of the Whaleoil blog who joined in on the comment discussion (argument?).

About the blog author

Since moving to New Zealand from the UK, Mark works full time in New Zealand’s Internet industry and works with many of New Zealand’s top Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) companies and web developers. However NZ Raw and NZ Blogs are side projects that he tries to squeeze in around taking his brute of a German Shepherd for a walk, exploring the big outdoors and chilling out on the PlayStation 3 in his Christchurch home.

Mark is a big WordPress fan and is proud of the WordPress hoodie that he won in a WordPress logo design competition. The dog has generally eaten most of the hoody since then.