Local Blog Writer Assists Fire Brigade

Local Blog Writer Assists Fire Brigade

Mark Lincoln and the Fire Brigade

Mark Lincoln, a local blog writer, was seen today helping the fire brigade save thousands of lives in Christchurch following the earthquake.

Ok, no that’s not true. I’ve been on the roof of a relative’s house clearing rubble and securing tarpaulins. The wind really picked up this morning but seems to have died down for the moment. There was a short and very light amount of rain but that’s passed for now too. Mostly we’ve been clearing bricks that are lying on the top of the roof and removing loose bricks from the chimney in case of further aftershocks.

Damage to a roof in Avonside following the Christchurch Earthquake

While I was up there, two firemen poked their heads over the fence and asked if we needed assistance. They’ve been slowly driving along the streets in the area and asking locals if they need help. They’ve found that when they stop to talk to someone, other people come out of their houses to talk about other problems.

Fire Brigade in Christchurch

Overnight, there were plenty of aftershocks. For a while it felt like they were every 15 minutes or so. Some large enough to bang the cupboard doors and frighten the dog.

The city centre is still blocked off. My own office on Tuam Street is flooded and destroyed as the sprinklers turned on at the time of the quake and have been running ever since. Like many other places, the building looked fine from the outside but the inside was a different story. The CEO was allowed in under supervision of a police officer. On seeing the damage, the police office said ‘You have 60 seconds to get out of here’ and they made a sharp exit.

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