June Earthquake Videos

June Earthquake Videos

New videos of the 13th June earthquakes in Christchurch have surfaced on YouTube. The two large aftershocks on that Monday were both centred along the coast past Sumner. Sumner and Redcliffs have already had a really hard time with the earthquake and aftershocks. The situation hasn’t been helped by the fact that there’s only one main road out of the area, other than another road which heads over the Port Hills.

Neither provide a great deal of access in the event of a large quake as both roads have been subjected to rockfalls and landslides following the quakes.

One resident of the hills above Sumner walked out onto his patio with his video camera shortly after Monday’s 6.3 aftershock, just as the shake was dying off. The water in his (rather flash) swimming pool was still violently sloshing around and dust clouds can be seen from rockfalls and building collapses along the hills in front of him.

Another video was filmed shortly after the quakes and was taken by a rather brave (or foolish?) bloke that went for a walk along an area called Whitewash Head. This area is right above Taylors Mistake and is the location of one of the large aftershocks that occurred on 13th June 2011.

As you can see from the video, large areas of land have simply disappeared into the ocean. Paths suddenly end at huge drops and the land has incredible cracks and gaps running through it that make you wonder why the guy behind the camera dared to get so close. If there had been another significant aftershock while he was filming this, he would have come to an unfortunate end.

This video also shows some of the rockfall in areas around Taylors Mistake and Boulder Bay. There are less houses around here but there are a number of really quaint baches. Hopefully none of them were damaged.

It looks like this one was filmed by someone who happened to be walking along that track at the time of the earthquake. Must have been quite a scary experience to watch the cliffs fall around you.

The following video was taken from the driving seat of some kind of loader by the looks of it. The driver is travelling through the floods and liquefaction that hit Bexley to the east of Christchurch. Despite YouTube telling us that the video was uploaded on 12th June, the time difference meant that it was actually uploaded on 13th June in New Zealand, probably shortly after the 6.3.

The next video shows someone driving through the floods in Avondale. This video shows what many residents of the eastern suburbs had to drive through in order to get home following the aftershocks. This also goes someway towards demonstrating why my power steering pump is flooded.

On arriving home, many people were treated to images similar to those shown in this video. A nervous resident grabs their camera and starts filming just as the earthquake is dying off. You can then see the destruction inside their home and the ensuing mess caused by the earthquake.

And of course, we can’t show the videos of the earthquake that took place on 13th June in Christchurch without showing this video by a young wannabe rapper. This young guy was filming himself just as the larger of the two aftershocks hit.

He has since become a bit of a TV personality wish his video having featured on a number of news networks.

Finally, I posted this on the blog a few days ago but it’s worth a mention here while I collect all the videos together. For me, this is one video that really gives a sense of what it’s like to experience a significant earthquake.

Plus the dramatic music is a bonus.

Did you have any earthquake footage that you’d like to be displayed here? Let us know in the comments below.