Have you Seen this Stolen Bike?

Have you Seen this Stolen Bike?

Bikes have become awesome for transport around Christchurch these days as not only are many of the streets simply broken up and hard going in a car, but many are actually still closed meaning that other streets are constantly clogged with traffic.

… which makes it all the more shitty that some low life stole a friend’s bicycle last night. It’s a 2005 Kona ‘Shred’ which was stolen from Barrington, Christchurch.

Stolen BikeAt the time it had no seat, a drinks bottle holder and the remains of a bike computer on the handlebars.

If you see this bike around and suspect that it may be stolen, or if you see this bike for sale in Christchurch, please contact me via the comment form below or use the email address on theĀ  ‘About’ page.

And finally, a message from the owner “Feel free to punch first and ask questions later”. Just note that this suggestion probably ends if he actually gets the bike back … like … maybe check to make sure the rider isn’t called ‘Thomas’ before you punch him. So … ask one question first, then punch later.