Grand Chancellor Before and After

Grand Chancellor Before and After

Here’s a quick post about the Hotel Grand Chancellor. Despite all odds, it’s still standing. Albeit on a bit of a lean.

I posted some photos of the earthquake damaged hotel back in May (i.e. before the large June aftershocks) which shows some extensive damage to one side of the hotel.

However, the photos don’t quite show how much the hotel is leaning.

Today I came across an animated gif that shows the ‘before and after’ of the hotel. I’m not quite sure how he took the photos so accurately – perhaps they’re from a webcam? Or maybe from his office window?

Either way, they are quite revealing as to how much the hotel is leaning. You can also see what appears to be some boards that have been put up on the Westpac building, perhaps to stop falling debris from landing on workers below.

Hotel Grand Chancellor Before and After

This was made by a Christchurch chap called Matt and posted on the skyscrapercity forums.

Unfortunately I couldn’t contact him to discuss the photo without signing up for an account so instead, by means of providing well-deserved credit, how about you check out the impressive skyscrapers that Matt has been designing.

Nice work Matt.

  • Paul

    Great work but i wish they would hurry up and knock the bugger over