Fundraising for Christchurch

Fundraising for Christchurch

One of the positives to come out of the earthquake is the amazing range of innovative fundraising campaigns that have popped up to raise money for Christchurch and Canterbury.

Typically, money raised has gone towards either the Christchurch Mayoral fund or the New Zealand Red Cross, both of which have been instrumental in the upkeep of New Zealand residents following the life-changing earthquakes.

We’ve even been the lucky recipients of a $5 million donation from an anonymous figure. All we know of them is that they visited the eastern suburbs after the February earthquake and asked what could be done for the children.

Kilimanjaro NZ

I consider myself very lucky to know one ex-Christchurch resident, now living in London, that is literally taking huge steps to raise awareness and money for Christchurch. His steps happen to be taking him to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro for his fundraising event, Kilimanjaro NZ.

Fundraising for Christchurch

This man is Chris Flack, a close friend of mine who felt helpless at the time of the earthquakes while living in London and so decided to do what he could from his end.

He’s been generating a lot of buzz about the event, including a fantastic video that the made for Red Cross Week:

Chris, a graphic designer by trade, has put together a team that will soon be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain at 5,985 metres, to help Christchurch’s cause, and with a message of support from Mark Inglis himself – the first double amputee to stand on the summit of Mount Everest!

Fantastic idea, have a great adventure and thanks from us in Canterbury for thinking of us.
Cheers, Mark Inglis

The team aims to raise a minimum of 5,985 pounds for the New Zealand Red Cross Christchurch Earthquake Appeal and has recently passed 4,500.

This video, put together for a fundraising concert by Argene Montgomery-Honger, shows some footage directly following the earthquake as well as preparations for the Mt. Kilimanjaro expedition itself.

You can help support the Kilimanjaro team, and so help support Christchurch, by donating through FundraiseOnline if you’re in New Zealand or Australia, or through Just Giving if you’re in the UK or elsewhere.

Please do support this team from all over the world that are taking time out of their lives to generate massive attention for a city in need. Every little helps.

You can also follow the team on Facebook and Twitter.