Fire Engine Stuck in Silt

This is a pretty good example of how tough it is for everyone in Christchurch in he aftermath of the earthquake that struck Christchurch yesterday. The roads are so cracked that not even the fire brigade are safe. Take a look at this fire engine that got stuck in a collapsed road on Gayhurst Road in Dallington.

Apparently this happened in a cordoned-off area. Just prior to this, a resident had moved a traffic cone so that she could drive through into the no-go-zone. She was then followed by 4 or 5 other cars before the fire engine came along.

Good argument for keeping away from the danger areas, even if the road looks ok.

Christchurch Earthquake Stuck Fire Engine

Christchurch Earthquake Stuck Fire Engine

I’ve just caught the end of a horrific story on the news of a woman that got caught in quicksand near Kaiapoi and sank up to her neck before managing to claw her way out. Mad stuff. Stay safe out there.

Update: Mark sure you boil your drinking water for at least 3 minutes on a rolling boil before drinking. Sewers have ruptured and may be leaking into drinking and washing water pipes.

  • MC

    Oh no! He’s beached as!

    NZ : RAW is all over this quake. Good coverage. Its all pretty crazy looking. All of a sudden its a broken city. Looks like you will be off work for a while then.

    Suddenly London water is not looking so bad. Oh no wait. It too is full of shit. That quick sand story is the stuff nightmares are made of. Lucky woman.

    Good Samaritan award is in the post.

  • How did Bernadette get through to snap these shots? Keep the updates happening Mark! It’s appreciated!

  • Loving the news, when’s the next one??
    We are waiting with baited breath!
    Spreading the word about your blog, too, you had viewers in Hervey Bay, oz & London last night! :)