February Christchurch Earthquake

February Christchurch Earthquake

This is just a quick post that I’m writing from my cell phone.

Yesterday, as the world now knows, there was a horrific earthquake near central Christchurch. So far we know it was 6.3 on the Richter scale and approximately 10 to 15 kms south east of the centre and 5 to 10 kms deep. The affect on the city was exponentially worse than the original earthquake.

After the shaking subsided, we fled the building and ran out into the middle of Tuam Street. You couldn’t see more than a block in either direction due to clouds of dust from buildings that had collapsed just seconds before.

February Christchurch Earthquake - Tuam Street

I got to my car and managed to make it home. The 6km journey took around an hour and a half due to detours and traffic and we had to pass through a few floods and circumnavigate huge holes in the road, some of them with cars in them.

All the while I was trying to avoid thinking about the fact that I hadn’t heard from my wife who was working on the upper floor of Riccarton mall. Thankfully I later met her at home. The mall ceiling had collapsed into the mall, she thinks on top of a number of people, so she ran to her car but later had to abandon it in Shirley.

According to the radio, we could be without power and water for weeks in our area. Feeling a bit helpless. I and the neighbours have been helping where we can but our hearts go out to those that are waiting to be released from trapped buildings and those that are beyond help.

35 are confirmed to be dead so far.

  • Note that this post actually only went live today (24th) but was written and didn’t publish correctly yesterday.