Earthquake Damage Photos from the Cordon

Earthquake Damage Photos from the Cordon

I’ve been taking a lot of photos since the earthquake (Christchurch, not Japan. I can’t even contemplate what they’re going through right now. Stay strong guys) but most have been from around the residential suburbs. Today I parked up on Fitzgerald Street and went for a walk along the cordon to the north of Christchurch CBD which runs about one street back from Bealey Avenue.

The soldiers manning the cordon seemed happy for me to take photos but I couldn’t see much of the city from the barrier. I did manage to get a few photos from along Bealey Ave itself though. There’s been some extensive damage to large buildings, particularly the Carlton building and Knox Church.

Fitzgerald Avenue Photos

Fitzgerald Avenue between Kilmore Street and Bealey Ave is a mess. Half of the road has slumped towards the river by a good metre or two. My brother-in-law was her when the 22nd earthquake hit and he said the damage wasn’t as bad as this at first. A local resident told me that the road is slumping more and more each day.

Fitzgerald Avenue Earthquake Damage

Fitzgerald Avenue Earthquake Damage Close Up

Bealey Avenue and Side Streets

Bealey Avenue is open to traffic, as are many of the side streets, and the damage to buildings along this street is quite impressive and perhaps just a small taste of the damage that lies beyond the cordon.

Notable features of Bealey Avenue include the Speight’s Ale House, which appears to be fine and open for business, and Knox Church and the Carlton bar/restaurant which have suffered severe damage. A new feature now also appears to be a large pile of rubble with a new looking red Holden placed on top. Weird.

Red Holden on Rubble, Bealey Ave

Red Holden on Rubble - Bealey Ave, Chrsitchurch

Red Holden on Earthquake Rubble

Photos of Knox Church

At the Hagley Park end of Bealey Avenue lies the Knox Church. This church suffered in the first earthquake and featured in the news a fair bit at the time. It’s crazy to think that all that appeared to be damaged then were some bricks that had fallen from near the roof. Now, Knox Church is all but a wooden frame holding up a roof.

It’s eerie to drive past this large church and be able to look straight through it to trees on the other side.

Earthquake Damage to Knox Church

Earthquake Damage to Knox Church on Bealey Ave

Other Photos of Damage Along and Around Bealey Avenue

There’s plenty more damage in this area. Some of these were take on Bealey Avenue itself. Others were taken on side streets off Bealey Ave.

Carlton Restaurant Damage

Earthquake Damage Photo

Rubble, Danger Keep Out

Demolished House

Star of David Church

A Red-Stickered House

Photos of the Cordon and Christchurch City Centre

They army are doing a fine job manning the cordon around the city centre. It must be pretty dull work and the weather isn’t that flash at the moment.

It’s still surreal to see armed vehicles guarding entrances to the city though.

Armoured Vehicle near Christchurch Casion

Police and Army Chat to a Local

Armoured Vehicle in front of Christchurch Casion

Army Manning a Checkpoint

Earthquake Workers on Manchester Street

Manchester Street Earthquake Damage

Durham Street Earthquake Damage

Unfortunately you can’t see much of the city centre, but what you can see shows there’s obviously a lot of damage. The roads are swollen and raised in many place. The once flat CBD will now feature plenty of hills as well as natural traffic calming features.

Other Earthquake Damage Photos

These photos just show some of the other earthquake damage round the city. Some from north of the cordon, others from either side of Colombo Street, south of Moorhouse and others from places such as Ferry Road.

Army Vehicles Play ParkArmy vehicles in a play park. Looks like a photo more likely to have been taken during the violence in Bosnia rather than in Christchurch, New Zealand

Free Sign

Earthquake Rubble

Red Placard

Red PlacardA row of modern flats leaning precariously

Staff Room

Red Stickered BuildingI guess they ran out of red stickers

Red Sticker


Carlton Earthquake DamageCarlton Restaurant

Police Cars in ChristchurchPolice cars apparently escorting a red Daihatsu hatchback

One News Covering Christchurch EarthquakeOne News headquarters for reporting on the Christchurch Earthquake

Park Bench

Road Damage

Clear Sign

Earthquake Danger Sign

Red Cross Water and Aid Station on Pages Road Red Cross Aid Station and Water on Pages Road

Earthquake Damage with Playground Equipment

Commerical Building Damage

Warehouse Damage

Ferry Road Earthquake DamageFerry Road

East Gate Mall Earthquake DamageThis is East Gate Mall in Linwood

Avon River DamageAvon River in Wainoni

In other news, my house has now been visited by the fire brigade, some nurses, some community staff, some church representatives, an EQC official, some nuns and today the army showed up to give us a toilet. All within the past week. Cheers guys!

Stay strong, Christchurch.

  • MamaPukeko

    Madness, just madness!! Great post as always NZRaw! Looking at all those fallen bricks though… I think Chistchurch should consider rebuilding in wood!

  • Maz

    Earthquake workers on Manchester Street? That’s a different type of worker than that street is used to!

    Was it bad that that was pretty much the first thing I thought after reading that caption?

    Anyway, those are really some fascinating photos. Being on the other side of the town, it’s hard to understand what it’s like elsewhere, and this post offered a window. Thank you.

  • Thanks Maz and don’t worry, you’re not alone! Can you believe I actually first wrote ‘Manchester Street Workers’ and then changed it to ‘Earthquake Workers on Manchester Street’ because I didn’t want to get the wrong sort of website visitor?

    And yeah, it’s strange how the other side of town actually feels much further away now. There’s a mental and physical block in the form of the cordon in the city centre that makes travelling from one side of the city to the other a much more involved task than it used to be.

  • I think Christchurch should consider rebuilding in ‘a’ wood somewhere in Jamaica!

  • Bevgwall

    Nature shows no mercy. Such devastation in what was once a beautiful city. Thank heaven there wasn’t a tsunami to follow. Thank you, Mark, for showing what is really going on over there.

    Mum x