Christchurch Snow

Christchurch Snow

Note: This post is from the snow in July 2011. For June 2012, see the ‘Christchurch Snow in June 2012‘ post. I’m so creative with post titles.

It was promised yesterday and today it has arrived. We woke up in Christchurch this morning to a blanket of thick snow.

It’s still falling quite heavily and is sticking to everything. We’ve just let our 18 month old German Shepherd out for his first taste of the snow and he’s rather confused.

The Christchurch City Council have warned people to stay off the roads. You can find their list of road closures here.

The hazard is increased by the potholes and cracks that still exist from the earthquake. These holes are now covered with snow and quite invisible so you can imagine why the council are so keen for people to stay at home today.

Christchurch City Council Snow Warning

Christchurch Snow on Cars

I'll just put the windscreen wipers on. She'll be right.

Thick Snow in Christchurch

Great for keeping your beer cold.

Car under Snow

I see the car port is doing its job then??

Snow on the roads in the eastern suburbs

Snow on the roads in the eastern suburbs.

Crying out for a snow angel.

Crying out for a snow angel.

Update: When the sun came up, I went for a walk to Breezes Road to take some photos of the Port Hills covered in snow. Check out those photos on the photos page.