Christchurch Earthquake Photos

NOTE: All of the below is from the original 4th Sept. quake. The 22nd February quake was much more devastating. Click here for new Christchurch earthquake photos.

So this morning at about 4:30am, a massive earthquake hit Christchurch. Apparently it was 7.4 on the richter scale, 30kms west of Christchurch and 33 kms deep.

Geonet say aftershocks are likely and could carry on occurring weeks later. Potentially they could be quite large too.

I managed to get out in the truck this morning and grab some Christchurch earthquake photos and a video or two. Some areas look totally fine while others look like something from Armageddon.

Photos of the Christchurch Earthquake

I’ve yet to get some really awesome ones and now we’re being told to stay at home and keep out of the way. Large areas of Christchurch are flooded, have been cordoned off or are inaccessible due to bridges collapsing or huge cracks appearing in the road with water and sand coming up.

Chistchurch Earthquake Photos - Wall CollapseA roof collapsed near my friend’s place on Croydon Street in Spreydon.

Chistchurch Earthquake Photos - Unsafe ChimneyThe major hazard now is unsafe walls and tall brick chimneys that are close to collapse. Aftershocks can be big enough to cause further collapse and damage.

Chistchurch Earthquake Photos - fallen bricksBricks fallen on the pavement. You wouldn’t want to be near any chimneys and old walls right now.

Chistchurch Earthquake Photos - Roof CollapseInside a roof space in Avonside. Could install one really big sky-light now.

Chistchurch Earthquake Photos - Cracks in the earthLarge cracks appearing in the park near Avonside. Earth has been pushed up along the centre of the river. The fields are flooded.

Chistchurch Earthquake Photos - Earth pushed up through a riverEarth pushed up all the way along the centre of a river … or have the cracks drained the river and the ridge was already there?

Chistchurch Earthquake Photos - Carport collapseA carport collapse in Aranui.

Christchurch Earthquake Videos

I’ve only managed to capture a single clip or two. This is driving past an upper floor wall that had fallen into the road, exposes the contents of the room.

Christchurch Phone Networks

According to the news, the Vodafone cellphone towers are on battery backup and may only have 60 minutes run time left. Other reports say that Vodafone may only be the network that is bringing in back-up generators.

I’ll post again soon when I have better photos. Currently I’m sitting in a room with a collapsed chimney above it so probably shouldn’t sit around here too long in case of aftershocks!

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    just wondering if cobham street spreydon got affected

  • hi, I drove past that general area today and everything looked fairly good around there.