News on the Christchurch Earthquake

Note that this information was written at the time of the first earthquake in September 2010. You can view a post featuring new Christchurch earthquake photos from the 22nd February aftershock.

I’ve now managed to go for a walk around Avonside and survey the damage following the Christchurch earthquake, which has now been downgraded to 7.1 on the richter scale after earlier reports that it was 7.4.

The damage to the road around the Avonside boat club is pretty impressive. Bridges are closed and the police are patrolling the streets. As I write this, an occasional aftershock rocks the house which has 2 collapsed and 1 about-to-collapse chimneys on the roof.

New photos of the Christchurch earthquake

Christchurch Earthquake Damage - Road Cracks

Christchurch Earthquake Damage - Road CracksChristchurch Earthquake Damage - Building Collapse