Christchurch Earthquake Information

NOTE: ALL OF THE BELOW IS FROM THE ORIGINAL SEPTEMBER QUAKE. THE FEBRUARY 22nd QUAKE WAS MUCH MORE DEVASTATING. You can see my latest post for new Christchurch earthquake photos.

The rest of this post is in the original format from 4th September….

The Minister of Civil Defence has just said that the earthquake that occurred at 4:35am, 7.1 on the richter scale, is the strongest in New Zealand since 1931. It occurred 30kms west of Christchurch and 10kms deep (early reports said 7.4 and 33kms deep). Check out the latest photos from the aftermath plus some initial Christchurch earthquake photos from just after the earthquake occurred.

A state of emergency has officially been called – this gives the authorities the power to arrest anyone in certain areas if they believe those people shouldn’t be there.

Christchurch Earthquake Damage

8 people have been rescued around Christchurch so far – some from electrically operated lifts – and there are 2 people in hospital with ‘serious’ injuries.

Large areas of Christchurch have been, and still are, without power and water although representatives say 90% of Christchurch will have power restored to them today. Areas of Bromley, Aranui and others were without power earlier this morning but power has since been restored. New Brighton roads appear to be mostly underwater. It’s tempting to drive through them in a 4WD but many are there due to large cracks in the road that lie hidden under the water.

The GeoNet website shows a large number of recent earthquakes, the majority from today, all of varying magnitudes and depths.

Aftershocks are expected for the days following the initial earthquake. Many could be reasonably substantial. The Christchurch City Council Civil Defence guys are setting up welfare centres where people can go if they feel unsafe in their own home. The centres will provide food, water, shelter and minor first aid. For more info, visit the Civil Defence website.

  • Axe99

    Nice ‘civic duty’ post :). Great to hear that most of the damage was material – good luck with the clean up and the water, I’m guessing there’ll be a bit of work to do over the next few months.